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Null Poison Ch163

Info Gathering

The next day.

After spending the night at the cheap inn, we decided to split up and gather info from around the city.

Ralf was going to ask around where ever he seemed like he could hear something good, meanwhile I decided to head to a broker to get the help of a professional.

Also,…….I also had a personal errand, which was to go visit this [Ichryuu] store that was recommended by the guild master himself.

Since the battle with Carlo, I had been fighting with my bare fists because I had no money.

Thanks to my skill I made it work fine anyway but, really, I want a sword back in my hands.

Now that we’ve stored up on money again, I want to buy something better than even the slender steel sword that I had been using until now.

While thinking that, I reached a bar.

Purely because the info broker in the capital was also doing business within a bar after all.


A lot of people gather inside a bar so it was a good place to gather info.

Entering inside, the place was pretty lively considering it was still early morning. Probably the people who started last night were still around, still with mugs and glasses in hand.

Giving those people a side glance, I headed to the bar master-like person to start with.


“Hey, got a minute? Need to ask some things.”

“Oh? What’s up lad. If you’re looking for a drink, sorry, we’re done for now.”

“I don’t. What I want is info. Do you know where I could find an info broker in this town?”

“Info broker? Well actually……….Oi! Barry! This lad has business with you. You might finally earn enough to pay you damn tab you know? ——Go talk to that drunk over there. If you give him enough for a drink, he’ll tell you whatever you want to know probably.”

The bar master said that, and then walked into the backroom with a huge amount of tableware and mugs and tankards.

In his stead, who came up to me was man who was merrily drunk even though it was the morning.

He looked pretty smashed already, as he just about walked up to me with shaky steps.

“Ohh? What business ya got with me lad?”

“I’m looking for a info broker. When I asked the bar master, he called you. If you tell me what I wanna know, I’ll pay you a drink’s worth.”

“You will!? Alright. I’ll tell you whatever you want if I’m getting paid……….Go to a store called [Rashburg]. That’s the best info broker in this whole goddamn town.”

“[Rashburg] eh. And where can I find this place?”

“Just walk through the main street and keep an eye out for their signboard. It’s hard to miss——–Alright, pay me for them drinks bud!”

Getting info about the info broker from the drunkard, I tossed a silver coin to him, and then left the bar.

As I thought I got what I wanted to know pretty easily.

Now I don’t know how accurate this info I got is but, its definitely worth investigating at least.

I steadily headed towards the main street I saw when we entered through the main gate.



Reaching the main street, I pushed my way through the crowd while looking for a sign that said [Rashburg].

There were a lot of normal stores and stalls here and their signs all jumbled together , so by the time I found the [Rashburg] sign, an entire hour had passed but……….well at least I found it finally.


It was on the 2nd floor of dirty and old looking building. The first floor was apparently some fishmonger selling all sorts of different fish and above that was this [Rashburg] place.

Climbing on the stairs, that looked like they could collapse at any moment, I headed to this place.

There wasn’t much details put up outside the place, so I thought this will be a similar bar-like place like in the capital but………

When I pushed open the door to enter, the room only had a desk and a sofa in front of it. And on both sides of it were piles and stacks of papers and documents messily scattered across the place.

——–is this really the place where the best info broker in Norfast can be found?

There was always a chance I got scammed by that drunk but, I wasn’t sure yet.

Seeing that there was no one here, I shouted from the entrance of the room to try and call someone.

“Anybody here? I came here to ask some questions!!”

The room then became quiet once again, and my voice simply echoed inside.

Since there was neither a reaction or even the presence of a living person, I was about to leave when……..

The door that I originally came from opened again.

Turning around, the person that came in was a dirty looking old man.

He was dressed in what looked like work clothes, and his waistcloth had the name of the fishmonger on the first floor’s name on it.

He smelled of fish as well, so I assume he came from below for some business as well?

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“Normally this place is open only at night you see. In the morning we sell fish below to make money, and at night we sell info to do the same……..makes sense to ya?”

He suddenly said that right after entering, and then went and sat down on the desk inside the room with a thud.

The old man drank a few gulps of water from the leather bag in his hands, and then faced towards me once again.

I didn’t notice from the first glance but, I guess he really is the owner of this place.

His looks were from trustworthy but, I’m not the type to make judgements based on appearance alone anyway.

I mean, he was supposedly the best info broker in the entire city of Norfast, so I should at least try and see if he lives up to his name.

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