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Null Poison Ch164

Information on Edestor

“So, what do you wanna know about? It just happens to me my break so I’ll tell you what you wanna know in the meantime.”

“……….I wanted info on Edestor. Do you have any?”


“Edestor? Why the hell are you looking for info on Edestor when you’re in Nofast—–Quite the weirdo, aren’t you?”

“That’s irrelevant. So do you have the info I want or not?”

“Of course I do. It’s one of the three great cities after all. What exactly do you want to know about?”

“Is the current hero candidate, Klaus, still in Edestor or not? I need to know that.”

I decided to be direct and straight up asked if Klaus was there or not.

His existence was the biggest problem between us moving there or not.

If I had confirmation that Klaus was still there, it would make our moving there basically impossible.

“Klaus eh. The hero candidate from the capital………..if I recall correctly, he’s the guy that beat the Edestor dungeon’s 50th floor recently right?”

“Yes, that’s the one. I need to know whether that very Klaus is still in Edestor or not.”

“Unfortunately, I don’t think he is. About a week ago, the news that Klaus had made an official party came out of the capital so I’d say he’s certainly back in the capital now.”


Klaus is back in the capital then…….?

So his objective in Edestor was the dungeon alone, and having cleared it——he went back straight to the capital eh.

“How accurate is that info?”


“I’m pretty sure it’s correct. Because there was also the info that our King, after hearing the names of the party members, was quite enraged as well.”

With a smirk, the old man told me that.

……….I don’t really need to know about the info regarding Klaus’ current status, but I was curious regardless.

This is will cost me further but, if it’s to know more on Klaus, I guess its worth it.

“What do you mean? Can you tell me more about that.”

“Wha? You don’t know? Well you’d learn sooner or later, so I’ll just charge a measly one silver if you really want to know right now.”

I, instead, took out a gold coin and tossed it at him. It’s annoying to have to pay for every single thing I ask one at a time.

“It’s a pain so here, I’ll pay it in advance. First, continue the previous story.”

“Thanks for your patronage…………So again, the [Sword God] Klaus announced his party members. It’s a party of four, and two of them are a [Necromancer] and a [Holy Dragon Knight], students from the same academy as his. It’s the last one that’s causing all the commotion. Someone called Milworc, a commoner not from their academy.”

“A commoner? But why go out of his way to do that?”

“Well, to be clear, he’s not technically a commoner per se. The public aren’t very aware of him but he’s the leader of the hooligans called [Under Eye] that work in the capital’s underworld. That Milworc, that is. Now in terms of actual criminal activity, they are far behind the likes of [The Maginicks] as an organisation but, Milworc’s own strength must be what he ended up buying I think.”

I did hear that Klaus was deep in bed with the underworld back in at the capital’s info broker as well.

One of those was also Carlo’s [The Maginicks].

And another one is this Milworc’s [Under Eye] I suppose.


And that Klaus, used the Carlo as his subordinate even though they had the bigger organization, and instead valued this Milworc enough to bring him into his party.

……….Well, I actually don’t know if Carlo was the ‘leader’ of the Maginicks or not though.


“But, is it even okay to so openly have a member of the underworld in your party?”

“It’s not and that’s why the king is furious. After all, the king’s daughter herself was a [War Princess] but didn’t get selected and he went out of his way to bring some guy from outside instead.”

I had no idea what Klaus was thinking doing this kind of stuff.

Did Milworc really have that much value to him? Or was he thinking about something else?

My objective was Klaus alone but, the reverse is not true. Klaus probably has more things in mind than just me.

He certainly seems to be spending quite a lot of effort into hunting me though……….But his main objective was certainly to fulfil his duties as a hero I suppose.

———that is, subjugating the Demon lord.

Whether he can actually achieve that is still a doubt but, considering he’s properly challenging and clearing dungeons, I don’t think he’s abandoning his main duty.

“I see. I have understood the situation around Klaus’ party now. The fact that this problem is public now, is your proof as to why Klaus is back in the capital right?”

“I’m quite certain of that, yes. It’s not like he’d have much else to do there after clearing the Edestor dungeon anyway.”

“I see. Thanks for the info……….Also, for the rest of the money, just tell me more about whatever news you have on Edestor, or things I should know.”

I had the broker of [Rashburg] tell me the remaining gold coin’s worth of info about Edestor.

The more I hard, the more I was attracted to that city. And thanks to the dungeon, we’d have no lack of strong opponents, and not to mention there’d all sorts of strong adventurers gathered there for the same reason as well.

Which means, that just like with the [Silver Winged Lion], we could become friends with other strong adventurer parties.

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………Although, there is a part of me that is still afraid of making any more connections like that after what happened with the [Silver Winged Lion].

“Thanks for all the info on Edestor. If I wanted to know something, I’ll be sure to come here again.”

“Of course, and thank you sir for buying an entire gold coin’s worth of info! Always a pleasure.”

Giving my thanks, I left [Rashburg].

The store itself had a very odd appearance, but the info I got was absolutely worth every penny.

Originally I planned to go visit any other info brokers I could find in this city as well but, I don’t think there was any need for that any more.

Once I pay a visit to [Ichiryuu], I’ll just go back to the Inn after that.

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  1. Uhl Avatar

    Klaus must be suicidal, to openly snub the king in favor of a known criminal group. Dear old Dad must be sweating bullets now that the king could come after him…


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