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Null Poison Ch165


After leaving [Rashburg], I headed to this Ichiryuu store I had heard about from the guild master.

Hopefully I can find a good replacement for the sword I had been using, within a reasonable amount of course……….

While thinking of such things, I pushed open the doors to this slightly old fashioned looking store.

All sorts of weapon were displayed around the store, and inside there was even a smithy.

It was basically a weapons store, and a blacksmith, 2 in one.

“Oh! Come on in! Welcome to my store!”

The person who talked to me after I entered was a man, half my height, but had a thick beard.

Judging by the looks I was sure that he was—–A dwarf. I had heard of them.

This was my first time seeing one in real life but, I know they are race who excelled in smithing.

A shop ran by a dwarf eh…….


No wonder the guild master instantly recommended this place. This is bound to be a good store.

“Hello. I’m looking to buy a sword. Do you have one that’s light and easy to use?”

“A easy to use sword? Then how about one my many iron swords that I have forged!? They’re cheap but still much better than the iron swords you’d find here and there!”


After entering the store, I was instantly led to the display where all the cheap iron swords were kept.

……….he’s right that these ones definitely looked a lot better than the ones I saw in Realzard and Oxter in terms of quality.

But, they were still a level below a steel sword.

Well, they are different materials so I suppose that’s obvious, but again, I really want to find something similar to the slender steel sword that I had been using, or at least something on the same level as that.

Can’t have one breaking on me mid fight after all.

“Do you have any steel swords? I prefer those over iron ones.”

“Of course I do! Those are all kept over there!”

I left the place with the iron swords and headed to the display rack with all the steel swords.

Just like the iron swords, I could tell from a glance that these were all much higher quality than usual but………..these were all normal steel straight swords.

What I was using was a sharper, slender steel sword.

It made thrusts and stabs much better, and made me much more agile so I really liked that one but I guess, I can’t be too picky here.

“I’ll take that steel sword then. How much is it?”

“5 gold! I can make a sheathe for it as well, if you want?”

“I’ll buy it.”

It was costlier than the one I bought in Realzard but the overall quality was much higher, although it wasn’t as slender as that one.

If anything, considering the amount of steel used in this, it’s actually cheaper comparatively.

“Alright, thanks for your patronage! All of my goods are top class! I’m sure it’ll last very long!”

I took the sword from the dwarf, and attached it to my waist.

——-as expected, having a sword on my waist again, really made me feel a whole lot reassured.

Handing over the 5 gold, I looked around the store to see if something else caught my eye.

I mean, I came in a bought a steel swords straight away after all. Might as well look around now.


“There really are a lot of great weapons here………especially this one, is it a magic sword?”

“Ooh you’ve got good eyes lad! But that’s not a normal Magic sword, it’s a Demonic Blade! It possesses its own mana. It’s the best weapon I have on display here!” (T/N; The word for demonic blade is Maken. You’ve probably heard of it. Can be translated as Evil sword, or Mana sword, Spellblade etc. But since he specifically mentions that its not a ‘sword of magic’, I decided to go with demonic instead)

It was kept inside a showcase, so as to not let people touch it but…….even from afar I could tell just how high quality it was and how much mana it held within it.


If an amateur used it, they’ll end up killing themselves with it——it’s that kind of a weapon.

“How much is that, by the way?”

“That’s there just for display, as part of my collection and I don’t really plan of selling it but……….let me think! If I had to put a price, I’d say around 20 platinum coins or so?”

“That’s an insane price alright………but you’re right, I haven’t seen a better quality sword than that yet.”

“But of course! If there was a sword better than this——-it would have to be something in the same class as ‘Vendettatein’, the sword of the first hero!”

The first hero.

I’ve read so many legends about him, and even now his name will pop up here and there during our travels.

Someone with the same job as Klaus, a hero among heroes.

The sword that he used eh………I am a bit interested, I must say.

“So what was it like? This Vendettatein.”

“Like I said, it’s the first hero’s sword! It’s said to be sleeping where the hero died! Although no one has ever seen it and so it’s more of rumour at this point!”

“No one has seen it………So we don’t even know if its real or not?”

“Yes, no one has seen it but, people have figured out exactly where it sleeps! It’s in the caves in the mountains to the north of Edestor! Those mountains are crawling with monsters, and these caves are said to be impossible to enter by any human——so no one has really tried to actually go and investigate because of that!”

So the weapon the first hero used is also close to Edestor eh.

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I mean, the dungeon itself was attached to so many first hero’s stories that it does make sense.

In fact, from what I remember, the first hero’s roots began in the Edestor dungeon itself, so it wouldn’t surprise me if he was born in Edestor in the first place.

If that is the case, this rumour might not be completely baseless.

“I see. So it’s not just a complete myth then.”

“No no, of course not! It’s real! Hey, brother, if you could bring me Vendettatein, I’ll trade this demonic sword to you for it!”

“You idiot. If I found it, wouldn’t vendettatein be the better sword anyway, I’d just use that no? why would I trade it away?”

“Hey, no need to call me an idiot! I’m saying I’ll pay as many platinum coins you want for it basically!”


[Vendettatein]——-was it?

If I get the chance, maybe I should go and look for it.

The steel sword I bought just now was good but if I planned on fighting Klaus, I need something much better.

It might be necessary to get the Demonic Sword here, for example.

With the info I heard from the dwarf as well as the general info on Edestor I already got in my head, I looked around the store for a little longer before leaving [Ichiryuu] and heading back to the inn.

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2 responses to “Null Poison Ch165”

  1. Exfernal Avatar

    Besides ready-made swords, there can be also forged to order ones, just like clothes. Even if it would be more costly, the ease of use would be worth it if it would be priced up to one and half of a premade one, wouldn’t it?


  2. Dewani90 Avatar

    funny enough “Ichiryuu” sounds a lot like “First Dragon”


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