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Null Poison Ch166

Our Next Destination

Early morning, the next day.

We were planning to leave Norfast early, and head back to Oxter.


Esta also gathered a lot of info as well, and Ralf………well, he did try his best I suppose.

So we can thoroughly discuss it all on our way back, and also make our final decision on our next destination.

“You both done packing? Make sure not to forget anything, Ralf.”

“Why just me?!”

“Because only you would make such a mistake. If you’re all packed, let’s go already.”

“I’m all ready! Let us return back to Oxter.”


After overseeing them both finishing their packing as well, we left the Inn and headed to the city gate.

Snow didn’t even seem interested in attacking anyone, and we never ran into some other pursuer sent by Klaus either.

We also finished our main objective, which was to pay our respects to the [Silver Winged Lion], so it was quite a worthwhile trip.

Now, we just need to return to Oxter safe and sound.

Until we’re back, I’m not going to drop my guard even one bit, and make sure that I don’t lose my focus on my surroundings.



About 2 hours had passed, since we left Norfast early this morning.

While walking towards Oxter, we were now discussing our information that we gathered.


Me and Ralf had finished our reports, and now it was Esta’s turn to talk about what she discovered about Norfast.

………by the way, as expected, Ralf had nothing worthwhile to add.

“So I had been investigating things about Norfast as asked, and it seems like quite the nice place to live. Firstly, thanks to the extremely powerful guild master, the city is quite peaceful. And something like what was happening in Oxter would never happen.”

Guild Master. That guy that was disguised as a receptionist for whatever reason.

Well, he was probably disguised to keep an eye on the day to day happenings in the guild I imagine. And wasn’t just a weirdo with a crossdressing quirk.

Thinking that way………it was definitely a useful skill, and would help avoid a situation like Oxter’s.

“Also, commodities in general are pretty cheap. Since there are so many stores and shops, the competition has made the prices cheaper it seems. Also……..because of the amount of shops, the types of things you can find is also great. So you’d never worry about finding something there at least.”

“That’s definitely a great merit.”

“As for requests, a great variety of requests are always up for grabs. So we’ll never have to be worried about the quality of requests either. As you’d expect of one of the three great cities, a huge variety of people come and go so it’s pretty easy to gather info as well, as you can tell.”

Esta continued telling all sorts of things she had found out.

How did she manage all this in a single day I will never understand.

I was mostly inclined towards Edestor but Norfast had so many merits on its own that I was now confused again.


“——-But, there is one clear demerit to this place.”

“And what’s that?”


“There are no forests nearby at all. For Chris-san to keep growing, the existence of a big forest nearby should be our top priority. Even if you switched completely to home gardening , well, this is Norfast, a huge densely packed city. If you were to buy a house big enough to handle home gardening,……….the average rent would be around 10 platinum coins a month.”

……………..Well that is most certainly a huge demerit.

I did realize it when we came here but, there really is no forest near this city.

From a normal person’s perspective, that’s probably a good thing but, not so for me.

And just like Esta said, renting a house the kind of which we have in Oxter is more or less impossible in Norfast.

“And thus, if Klaus is not in Edestor—–I would like to recommend Edestor as our next destination!”

“I’m leaning towards Edestor as well! I mean, the dungeon has me super curious, I won’t lie!”

Esta made her decision, and Ralf agreed with her.

………Well, I was always in the Edestor faction so that’s that I suppose.

“Then, the decision is made. We move to Edestor next.”

“No objections here!”

“Same here!……..Though I will feel sad about leaving Oxter.”


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With responses from all 3, the decision was officially made.

………as for Snow, we were going to raise it till was an adult anyway, and with how strong it is, it could probably live on the northern mountains on its own now.

As for whether Snow will come with us or not, I’ll leave it to Snow to decide. If it wants to stay, we have to warmly send it off that’s all.

With our future plans decided, we increased our pace as we headed towards Oxter.

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