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Null Poison Ch167

The Place that never Changes

Since we returned back to Oxter, a week had passed.

Since we quickly moved to preparing for our big move as soon as we returned, we had now fully finished our prep and were ready to leave whenever.

We already cancelled the contract of the house, and had already talked about our plans to Shantell and the Vice Chief after coming back.

They were both quite sad about it of course, and Shantell even tried to convince us to stay while crying but……..once I properly explained her everything that had happened in detail, I was finally able to convince her as well.


“The house looks clean again huh. We can leave the rest to the contractors I suppose.”

“I really thought we’d live here for a long while you know, but somehow we’re homeless again.”

“I mean it was a big step for us! And we had become quite comfortable here. I was worried at first knowing about the suicide case and all but, nothing really happened and it was really a great home for us!”


You’re right……..But, we ended up having to leave so soon anyway, so more weird rumours might get attached to the house anyway.”

“That’s true! I feel like we’ve really put the Realtor in an even worse spot huh.”

“Well it can’t be helped. I do plan on paying the person in charge who recommended this a good sum as an apology and thanks though.”

On top of the cancellation fee, I’ll leave a decent tip on top.

The overall expenses weren’t really that high so we can afford to do so.

“Alright, then let’s go, shall we.”

“I think Shantell-san and the vice chief are waiting for us at the town entrance, right?”

“That’s what they said! That they’ll see us off!”

“I hope she  doesn’t try and stop us again though. I wasted half day consoling her the last time that happened.”

“I-I’m sure it’ll be fine now, right? If we got held up that much today as well, that’d really put a dent in our planned schedule after all.”

Already fearing a bit as to how to deal with Shantell, we left the house.

I let them two handle returning the key, as well as thanking the realtors, and instead, I made my way to the church.

Just like in Realzard, as my thanks, I’ll get one last assessment done before I leave.

……….by the way, I did go to the Carlisle forest yesterday, to eat Carlo’s Ongneer as well.

So I did want to check my ability anyway, and I was curious as to what skills I got from him—-from Carlo.

[Self Regeneration] [Body Armor] were both extremely useful skills after all.

If they were common skills, I’ll get them, but let’s see what happens.


With expectations filled in my heart, I headed to the church.

Even though it was the day we left this place for good, the church was peaceful and quiet as always.

The priest was taking a nap as always, and I felt a bit bad to disturb him but,……..I need him to work for me one last time.


“Sorry to ruin your sleep, but do you have a minute?”

“………Aeh? I-I wasn’t sleeping!? Chris-san, h-hello.”

I gave a smile seeing his usual reaction, and quickly stated my main reason of coming.

“Actually, I wanted to tell you that today, I’ll be departing Oxter for good. I’ve been in your care a lot so I felt I should come say my goodbyes at least.”

“Ah I see……….That would certainly make things a bit lonely here. Chris-san is basically the only one who shows up here these days.”

The priest spoke looking truly sad.

It’s true though, I have come here so many times but I have never seen anyone else besides this priest in this church.

It made me worry for the church itself but, I think he’s just personally a bit lonely as well.

“Well, yeah, there really aren’t many people here, like ever.”

“Indeed. Probably because I’m the priest I think………fufu, after all, I don’t look much more than a normal old man after all.”

“Well, yeah, you’re not exactly releasing holy energy are ya? But, you were definitely nice to me, and easy to talk to. I didn’t hate it here.”

“Thank you for consoling me………Chris-san, would you like one last assessment done?”

“Yeah, that was the plan from the start. Consider it my one last offering to the church.”

I took out a gold coin and tried handing it to the priest but…….

The priest stopped me with his hand.

“No need for it this time. I earned quite a lot during this time after all! Today’s on me, free of charge.”

“You sure? Won’t the church get mad at you?”

“It’ll be fine. I doubt anyone up top would even ever notice. Now now, c’mon, please enter the room!”

I followed the priest, and decided to accept his kindness and get the assessment done for free.

This will be the first time since the one I did before I fought Carlo.

Not too much time has passed, and I haven’t really been eating a lot of plants either so……..

The only thing that stood out was Carlo’s Ongneer, and how much of an increase it would give me.

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“Well then, allow me to do one last ability assessment for you. Nhaaaaa! Fuuuuh………it’s done. Here’s your card back.”

“Thank you for everything up till now.”

“No no, I should be the one thanking you. If you happen to come to Oxter again on your travels, be sure to drop by for a visit. Though I won’t do it again for free!!”

“Yeah, I’ll be sure to do that. Then, I’ll take my leave.”

While being seen off by the priest, I left the church.

I wanted to check my card and abilities but……..since I was already keeping everyone waiting, I left that for later and quickly made my way to the town entrance.

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