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Null Poison Ch168


Passing through the commercial street, as I reached closer to the town entrance——I saw the figure of five people talking and also Snow.

It was Esta, Ralf, Shantell, the Vice Chief, and the receptionist called Suzanna.

As for the receptionist, I mean we did greet each other whenever we met in the guild, but to think she’d come all the way to see us off.

“Sorry for the wait.”

“As promised, I’m here to see you all off! Suzanna also really wanted to come, so I brought her with me!”

The vice chief spoke, as Suzanna gave a deep bow towards me.

When she stopped showing up in the guild after the incident with Greath, I did get worried but, looks like she’s back to working fine as always.

“Chris-san! Thank you one again, for saving me from Greath. I will never forget your help.”

“I was the who was helped there. If miss receptionist hadn’t come to stop our quarrel, the ex guild chief and greath would have probably driven me out of the town.”


If anything, I probably would have tried to kill Greath right there and then.

I’m already on the run from Klaus, on top of that, I’d have ended up as a murderer as well so Suzanna saved me from that.


“I wasn’t able to do anything……..but, if that’s how you think of that then really, it was all worth it to use all of my courage to come out and speak back then.”

Suzanna spoke with a wide smile.

Guild receptionists tended to all be beautiful ladies but, usually they all have this fake manufactured smiles on their faces.

But I could tell that her current smile was a genuine one, and coupled with her pretty face, it definitely made for a captivating sight.

“Oho!? Chris-san, is it just me or is that a tinge of red I see on your face!? How could you, even though you have a lady like me by you side, you’re still eyeing other women!!?”

Right as we were having a thoughtful conversation, Shantell butted in with her hands spread wide.

She seemed to be trying to intimidate Suzanna like an animal, so I gave her head a light chop to stop her.

“The hell are you doing. We’re simply saying our goodbyes.”

“uug…… hurts! Why are you never so kind and gentle to me!!? ………I’m also really sad to see you all leave you know?”

The tone of her voice dropped and Shantell looked like she could burst out crying at any moment.

To think she was that attached to us……..well, it made me happy if anything.

“it’s not like I’m not sad either. You were a huge help to us after all Shantell……….that’s why, here, I have a present for you. Consider it my thanks.”

Saying that, I pulled out an item from my bag.

And handed it over to Shantell who was still blinking in surprise.

“C-chris-san is giving me a present!?!?!?”

“We have a debt to you, especially for everything you did for us while we were secluded in the Carlisle forest. If you weren’t there for us, we really could have died so it makes sense to be grateful no? That said, it’s not something too grand or expensive, I’ll warn you beforehand.”

What I gave her as a present was beautiful ornate bracelet.

That said, it wasn’t just a normal bracelet, it made using mana slightly easier apparently.

Like Esta said some time ago, most alchemists were [Magicians].


The reason was clear. Because the job required the use and manipulation of mana.

Now I don’t know how and where in Alchemy was it used but, this bracelet should help make things more efficient.

I had secretly bought this while in Norfast and when I gave it to the shocked Shnatell, she quickly put it on her hand.


“I’m happy, I’m really, really glad! Chris-san, I’ll treasure this forever!!”

“Sure. It’s a bracelet that makes using mana easier, so use it well.”

As she grinned while observing the bracelet, I moved away now that she was calm and quiet, and finally said my goodbyes to the vice chief as well.

Our meeting was hardly normal or nice but, the vice chief took our side from the start and gave us proper respect.

And he continued supporting us always so he was also someone we owed a lot to like Shantell.

“Vice chief, thank you for everything until now. I really thought that the guild here was complete shit but, you were the one who helped me change my mind.”

“Again, I should be the one thanking you. You saved this guild, and I couldn’t thank you enough for that. My head will forever bow for you for taking care of the problem with Greath.”

“C’mon, you’ve paid us back in full for that debt I think…….I’m really sorry for leaving so suddenly. I know it’ll be tough having to fill the gap we will leave for this guild.”

“You don’t need to worry about that! Now that Greath is gone, other adventurers are now acting lively again! We should find a gold rank soon enough, I’m sure!”

“I sure hope that’s the case but—–if, something happens and you need our help, please call for us. We’ll come all the way back to help you. We owe you that much.”

“I’m really thankful for that but……….like I said, we’ll be fine! Chris-san should focus on your own objective and continue running towards it! And when it’s all over, just be sure to come back and pay us a visit.”

“Yeah, I will. I promise.”

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We shook hands firmly, and then finally the three of us began walking away from Oxter.

……….it was a nice town. A lot happened here, but the town itself was really nice.

As I went through all my memories of Oxter inside my head, even I felt a bit emotional.

“Chris-san!! You have to come back one day alright!? You have to!! I’ll get even better at alchemy by then as well!!”

“Same here! We’ll make this a great guild so please come back one day!!”

From behind, I heard both Shantell and the Vice chief yell out, and I simply raised one of my arms to give a wave as an answer.

But, I won’t turn back to look.

My aim was ahead. At Klaus. And so we continued walking towards Edestor.


Stats as of Volume 3 (as per last assessment)



Suitable Job: Farmer

Endurance: 25(+344)

Strength: 22(+427)

Stamina: 21(+271)

Magic: 5(+139)

Agility: 14(+217)

Unique Skill : [Null Poison]

Common Skills: [Increased Breeding Ability] [Skin Strengthen][Flesh Enhancement] [Fortification][War Dance] [Hearing Enhancement] [Cold Resistance] [Intimidating Presence] [Valour] [Hard Hit] [Heat control] [Pain Inhibitor] [Gale] [Strong Arm] [Life Perception] [Perception Enhancement] [Perception Range Enhancement] [Stealth] [Mad Warrior] [Iron Wall] [Colour Change] [Mental Attack Resistance] [Sticky String Operation] [Mana Sense] [Silent Steps][Self Regeneration] [Physical Ability Boost] [Ability Unleashed] [Mind Unleashed]


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