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Null Poison Side Story 5


The Princess and the Knight

—–Edestor Dungeon Floor 32——

“Oi, you’re too slow. Don’t keep Charlotte-sama waiting any longer………if you can’t keep up, we’ll just leave you here.”

“Gautier, just leave them be. I don’t plan on waiting any longer——-Mielle, you came to this party by you own wish no? if you can’t even be of use, we’re just going to get rid of you okay?”

As I breathed roughly with both my hands on my thighs, these two spoke to me coldly so.

One of them was a man who had been working under the King’s personal army, as part of the [Royal Guard], and was an elite even among those.

Meaning, even before getting the [heaven’s blessing], he possessed incredible physical abilities and was a true monster from birth…….


Furthermore, the job he did end up receiving was [Holy Warrior], a job that was only slightly inferior to Klaus, a [Sword God].——That was Gautier.

The other, was the daughter of the current King and an actual royal princess.

Charlotte Alexandra Jeanne-Meldrake.


As you would expect of a royal, she could have haughtily spent a carefree life in the castle, but she had received the job of [War Princess].

Her abilities were incredible, and once again was only slightly below Klaus’ [Sword God] in natural talent.

She threw away all duties of a normal princess and chose to become an adventurer even against all opposition.

 Gautier, who had been blessed with a body that came once every couple centuries, and Charlotte, who possessed a job that only appeared once every few centuries as well.

This combination was so strong, that even in the academy they were able to form a faction strong enough to oppose Klaus.

If you  wanted to aim for the top, you had to simply follow the [Sword God] or you followed the [War Princess] Charlotte, those were the only two options………

But I was tricked by Klaus’ brother Chris and had completely lost my chance with Klaus.

I tried to search for Chris to redeem myself but, as if trying to ridicule me he completely disappeared.

And so I had no choice but to flatter the princess, Charlotte, but this was even worse. Far, far worse.

Charlotte was certainly strong but she didn’t do much outside fighting.

And since her personal guard Gautier was basically her babysitter and couldn’t look away from her ever, all the chores and odd jobs got thrown on to me.

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And thanks to that, even though I didn’t have a physically strong job, they paid me no heed and continued going ahead without a  care.


Since my job as a [Sage] allowed me to fill a hole in their party as magic based job, they let me in and I was happy at first for that but……..this was the reality.

“Why are you standing there doing nothing! Answer me, answer!”

“I’m very sorry. I’ll work harder to keep up with you.”

I spoke so, but in all honesty, my body was at its limit.

In the first place, I never wanted to party up with this crazy princess and this stupid knight who was head over feels for this princess……..

Everything, all of this, is his fault! That shitty older brother!!

My frustrations were exploding inside, and since I couldn’t take it out on the princess, I turned it all towards Chris.

One day, I swear I’ll find where he is, and make him pay for this many times over.

——–using this strong hatred as my crutch, I desperately tried to keep up with the two in front of me who were moving at a high pace.

(End of Volume 3)

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3 responses to “Null Poison Side Story 5”

  1. Uhl Avatar

    Just when you start feeling sorry for Mielle, she goes and ruins it by hating on Chris unjustly.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Pelouch Avatar

    Bro you tried to kill the man, give him a break, I’d call it even if I was Mielle


  3. Dewani90 Avatar

    Heh, after seeing the farmer she laughed at trample the sword god with an archmage and Paladin along a S class snow leopard, then she might reconsider her judgement.


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