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Null Poison Ch169


A week has passed since we left Oxter.

Just like when we came to Oxter to Realzard, we had to pass through various towns——and finally, had read our destination, the city of Edestor.

By the way…….Snow just followed us like it was normal. We did try taking it to the northern mountains to see if wanted to return to its natural habitat but it showed absolutely no interest in it, and refused to even move.

From that I inferred that Snow’s intention is to stay with us for good so we happily took it with us to Edestor.

Judging from how generally smart Snow is, I’m sure Snow knows and understands that we are the ones that killed its parent yet……….

Well if it plans to kills us once its grown up fully and that’s why its sticking with us, it’d make sense but the way it was always wanting to get pampered by us didn’t exactly make sense then.

“Hey, that’s Edestor right! It looks a bit smaller than the capital or Norfast but as you’d expect from one of the three great cities, it’s still pretty massive huh!”

“And that thing in the further beyond the city, is that the dungeon? Looks pretty hectic over there!”

The city of Edestor finally entered our view, and further beyond it we could also see another district-like area surrounded and separated by a wall.


Like Esta said, that must be the dungeon.

“It’s incredible to have a dungeon that close to a city. Not just that, the dungeon was what made this city grow into one of the three great cities as well.”

“Apparently, it all started with just a inn that was built for adventurers to stay nearby. From there, it grew all the way into one of the three great cities. It’s really amazing when you think of it that way!”


“Man, I’m really looking forward to it! There’s rumors that all sorts of requests are put up at the guild, and you can earn a lot of money even if you’re not going dungeon diving! And of course, then there’s the dungeon based requests as well——–it’s awesome to have a lot of choice!”

Just like Ralf said, when you think of Edestor, the dungeon is the first thing that comes up but in their adventurer guild, the amount of requests that are put up is frankly incomparable to a place like Oxter’s.

To the north of Edestor are mountains that are teeming with monsters. In the east lies the infamous Edestor dungeon. And to the south is the great forest of Roza.

Edestor that lies in the middle of all these places was basically always in a danger so it made sense why high rank requests were basically available all the time.

First, we need to find out more about Edestor itself, as well as the areas around the city, and then figure out what’s the fastest and most optimal way to get stronger for us.

……….Well, as for me, that will almost certainly be the great forest of Roza.

While I’m not as easily excitable as Ralf, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t looking forward to it as we waited in line for the inspection at the gate; and finally our turn came.

I didn’t bring any poisonous plants with me, and as for venom python potions, I have them stored with the rest of normal potions so I don’t think they’ll get caught.

Still, while feeling slightly nervous, we went through the inspection——–and safely got to enter the city.

The atmosphere of the city was closer to that of the capital if I had to pick.

It seemed quite clean and not cluttered or messy.

It was as lively as Norfast, and with a crowd this big, I doubt any more pursuers would find me any time soon as long as I stay here.

And I could always hide in the forest, worst case.

……….of course, if we continue completing requests as adventurers and raise our ranks, our names are bound to get known and give my location away sooner or later.

“So, where do we head to first? The adventurer guild?”

“No, let’s explore the city first, and find a good Inn. Once we have found a place to stay, let’s set up base………and then it’s info gathering in Edestor.”

“We did it in Norfast as well but, I guess there is always a chance that maybe Klaus has come back in the meantime huh! I agree with gathering info as well!”

“Same here. Chris-san can stay inside the inn while me and Ralf go and investigate. In the off chance Klaus was back here………..and accidentally ran into Chris-san, there’s a good chance a battle will break out inside the city right there and then after all.”

“Well if you put it that way, sure, I’ll be counting on you both to gather info. Do you mind?”

“Of course not! Leave it to us!”

“Exactly! Just leave this kind of stuff to us.”


Having made our initial plans in Edestor, we began looking for a Inn.

It was like this in Norfast as well but, there were very few Inns that would allow Snow inside, and surprisingly it was always the cheap inns that had more lax rules about this stuff.

We mainly looked for a cheap place that had one big spacious room where we all could stay, and soon we found one that fit our needs.


[Gorush] was the name, the room was spacious and came with an attached toilet and bath as well.

The rent was 2 silver a night, so it wasn’t exactly cheap but for now, we decided to live here.

Afterwards, as planned, Ralf and Esta went out into the city to investigate, and me and Snow stayed inside.

I was planning to spend time playing with Snow, after taking a bath together that is, but………

It must be tired from the long journey as soon after the bath, it went straight to sleep.

Being bored with nothing to do, I decided to test out all the new skills I had gained.

I did it once during our journey to Edestor as well but, I wanted to practice them more still.

First, I drew my steel sword and made a small cut on my hand.

The steel sword I bought from [Ichiryuu] was definitely a top quality item as I ended up cutting a bit deeper than I intended.

——-But I activated [Self Regeneration] skill.

The moment the skill activated, I could visibly see the wound close up and heal.

As for a weakness to the skill, when the healing process is going on, you feel a strong itch around the wound but its still very much in the tolerable range.

Honestly, I thought that that [Self Regeneration] was a unique skill, so a mere itch a small cost for getting hands on such an incredible skill.

Once the wound was healed completely, I activated the next skill.

[Colour change]

I don’t even know which monster I got this from but, even though I got this inside Carlisle forest, I never used it against Carlo or ever since.

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The skill name alone didn’t exactly tell me properly what effect it would have either but, suddenly my entire body changed into the colour that I was thinking of.

If I thought of red, my body  was red, and black, if I thought of black. (T/N: Chris, NO!)


I couldn’t control the small details so it’s not like I could camouflage into the surroundings either but——–this skill might have its own uses.

Like during the battle with Carlo which happened in the dead of the night where only the moon was a source of light, being able to turn your entire body completely black would make me very hard to see.

Well, I couldn’t control the colour of clothes or sword, but still, it would be quite a challenge to keep me in your sights.

Next up, I activated another skill.

[Sticky String Operation]

A spider’s thread like thing could come out of whatever part of my body I focused on.

It’s adhesive property was pretty strong, and when I stuck it on Ralf and tried to pull it with full strength, it still didn’t split or break.

Since I had already tested its basic endurance, let me test it in a different way this time around.

Let’s see if it can handle fire or not.

With [Heat Control] I had become able to control light amount of fire now, so I used one hand to release the string and with my other hand, I put out a fire and brought it closer to the string.

——-Hmm, With this level of fire, nothing was happening.

I kept the fire at it for a couple more minutes but the string still didn’t show any signs of breaking or burning.

Next, I tested my steel sword.

My steel sword cut deep into my skin from just touching so…….I swung my sword with a little more strength than that at the string.

In my head, I though the sword would cut through smoothly with no resistance——–But, just touching the blade’s edge alone didn’t break the string.

And it became further entangled around the sword making it a mess, And remember, this was a string that didn’t break even when me and Ralf were pulling at it……..

The two were back by the time I could get all the string off the sword.



“Chris-san, we’re back…….were you doing maintenance on your sword?”

“No, well, yeah, something like that. Anyway, got any good info?”

“Oh we found out some good stuff alright! Oh, and we bought dinner as well so let’s talk as we eat!”

There was more things with the string I wanted to try out, as well as some other skills as well but………looks like this time’s skill testing will have to come to an end.

 While chewing on the food that Ralf had brought for us, I began asking about what all these two had found out.

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