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Null Poison Ch170

Info Sharing

“First, let me give the conclusion, Klaus is most certainly not in Edestor. He was here for about 2 months, but as soon as he cleared the dungeon’s 50th floor, he left the city.”

“That’s good to know. Looks like the info from Norfast was on the money after all.”

“It seems so. So, it should be alright for Chris-san to go around the city.”

“Ah, but, there are other students from the academy of the capital that have come here, separately from Klaus though! And they are currently going through the dungeon as well or so I heard.”

Students from the same academy as Klaus eh……..

I don’t know if they’re also actively searching for me or not but, there’s no harm in being cautious.

“To add to what Ralf said, this student is apparently the princess of the country. Chris-san, do you remember what we learnt in the capital?”

“Ah, yeah, the [War Princess] was it? She was going to the same academy as well if I recall.”

“Precisely. And she’s the one currently in Edestor.”


Well, there’s always a chance that she’s chummy with Klaus but if she’s working separately from him, it’s unlikely she’s working with Klaus’ party.

So it should be fine to not be overly cautious about her.

“As far as ‘dangerous’ people in Edestor go, that princess and her party are basically it. Let’s just make sure we don’t run into them unnecessarily.”


“Agreed! I’m sure they’re damn strong as well………but there’s always  a chance that they’re above our level still!”

“I highly doubt there are that many people of the same age as us that were as strong as that Carlo other than Chris-san ——or rather, I’d rather not believe that but…….. the info broker in the capital did say that this year’s ‘crop’ of students was generational talent, so let’s be vigilant about it.”

To avoid the princess, let’s not go to the dungeon for the time being—–the decision was made.

I did want to at least go and see the entrance and stuff to it but, it can’t be helped.

“I guess we really will have to wait before going dungeon diving huh………..this may have been a waste of time, even though we did so much investigating beforehand.”

“That’s mostly because you asked about nothing but the dungeon though.”

“But I mean c’mon!!……..Don’t tell me you both weren’t excited about it! It’s a real blood dungeon!!”

“I don’t really get you but regardless, go on, tell us what all you found out about the dungeon.”

There’s still a lot we don’t know about the dungeon.

There’s a whole bunch of different kind of monsters in there, and there’s a strong boss monster at every couple floors or so; that’s about all I know of the dungeon.

So why do so many people come to the dungeon then……..I still had no idea.

“Leave it to me to explain! First and foremost, a dungeon was a place where monsters are born basically infinitely! At the depths of the dungeon is some sort of accumulation of mana, and that mana is what gives birth to all these monsters. That’s why the further you do inside, the stronger the monsters get.”

“Ohh, so someone were to destroy this big lump of mana, the dungeon would cease to be eh.”

“Exactly! Said clump of mana is apparently a type of monster in and of itself however, and also absorbs the mana of every adventurer that dies inside the dungeon as well.”

Seems something similar to Ongneer huh.

It births monsters and drains power from the adventurers kills by said monsters.


“So you don’t even get a corpse back if you die in a dungeon huh. That’s a bit unpleasant to know………So Ralf, what exactly do you gain from going inside this dungeon?”

“Let me explain! The dungeon doesn’t just give birth to monsters but also treasure boxes. From those boxes you can find all sorts of items, and weapons etc, and even money!”


“Hmm? These items and weapons and money are………”

“I think we thought of the same thing Chris-san. Those weapons, items etc are probably taken from the people that died in the dungeon right?”

“No, well………I don’t know that much.”

Unconfirmed, but I’m sure that’s the case.

It absorbs the body for itself and then places the items and money to attract more adventurers, repeating the cycle.

It really does feel like the dungeon is living breathing monster huh.

“Alright, I understand how the dungeon works now. Basically, it’s a fast way to get successful and rich, provided you are strong enough to clear floors. And the fame of clearing the dungeon is an extra……….No wonder people come here in droves.”

“Agreed. It’s using the natural human greed for its own needs almost. Including how it put up weak enemies up front, and then stronger enemies the deeper you go in.”

Ralf’s explanations made me a bit curious I won’t lie, but in the end, my decision remains the same, we will avoid the dungeon for now.

Completing requests come first. We raise our ranks, and save up some money——and I’ll go the great forest of Roza to search and gather more poisonous plants.

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And once we’ve gotten even more stronger, we’ll challenge the dungeon to test our strength. That seems like the best way to do it.

Klaus and his party had already cleared the 50th floor.

If we can’t do the same at the very least, it’ll be proof that there’s no chance of me winning against Klaus for now.

“Alright, I’ve got the basic gist about things regarding Edestor. You two, thanks for your work………from tomorrow, we’re gonna complete platinum rank requests one after another——and raise our ability, as well our save some money.”

“Yes! I’m excited to finally start again!”

“Same here! Things had gotten too easy in Oxter! Let’s go hunt some strong ass monsters!!”

With our discussion over, all three of us reinvigorated ourselves.

Going with the flow, Snow gave a howl as well.

A new start, new life in a new place.

Let’s make sure to not fuck up our first step and go all out from the start as we complete these requests.

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