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Null Poison Ch171


(T/N: I previously left Hihirokane as is but will now be translated as this)

The next day.

We left the inn and came to the guild.

Now then, I wonder what kind of atmosphere does the guild here has.

As long as its not like what Oxter’s what at first, I’ll be fine with whatever but……..if possible I hope there are people like the [Silver Winged Lion].

With such hope in heart, we entered the Edestor adventurer’s guild.

Its size was somewhere in between Oxter’s and Norfast’s.

It wasn’t too big but was still pretty spacious.

It was clean and tidy, perhaps the cleanest guild I have seen up till now.

“Let’s go and take a look at the notice board. Tell me if you two find something worth doing.”

“Alright! I hope there’s one for a strong monster!”

Saying that to them, I too went towards the giant notice board to observe the requests put up.

……..Yeah, it’s as amazing as I had hoped.


There’s like at least a hundred platinum rank requests, and even a couple dozen mithril rank requests as well. There’s even a couple diamond rank requests as well.

On top of that, there was even one single Scarletite request as well.

I know I should be focusing on platinum rank requests but, as id we were attracted by some unnatural power, all three of us were focused on this scarletite request.


“Scarletite………it really does exist huh!”

“It’s irrelevant to us for now, but it sure makes you curious doesn’t it.”

“I agree. Umm, as for the details………..Discover the Cave of Bahamut. Look for the Cave of Bahamut that is said to exist somewhere on the Barbadd mountains—–or so it says.”

“Cave of Bahamut? Isn’t that the evil dragon that shows up in the legends!? Is Bahamut supposedly sleeping in these Barbadd mountains??”

……, I doubt that’s the case.

I recalled the story I heard at [ichiryuu] in Norfast.

Within this mountains where monsters run rampant, somewhere deep within these mountains is a cave where no humans can even reach.

There the sword of the first hero, [Vendettatein] sleeps.

The mountain range in the story was almost certainly the Barbadd mountains.

And the cave where no man can reach was probably the Cave of Bahamut.

“I think, the weapon of the first hero sleeps in that cave, not Bahamut itself.”

“What Chris! You know something!?”

“Yeah, the place where I bought my sword, I heard this rumour. Don’t know much details though……..but the fact this request has been put up, means the story is probably true.”

“The reward for this 50 platinum coins. Incredible! And that’s just to discover the cave! But if a legendary weapon sleeps within, I guess it makes sense!”

……….Once we become even stronger here in Edestor, maybe we should give searching for this cave a try.

I did think that I could get my hands on Vendettatein when I heard the story but, if even a request like this has been put up, its existence is almost certain.

To kill Klaus, I need to have an assortment of weapons of the highest quality as well.

I felt my body get hotter just hearing more info on [Vendettatein] so I took a deep breath to calm myself.

“Well, the reward is that high because its supposedly impossible to find. Let’s leave it aside, and look at the platinum rank requests.”

But, now was not the time for that. We need to take this step by step so we returned our focus back to platinum rank requests.



After much discussion, the one we finally decided on was a monster called Blue Ogre that appears at the foot of Barbadd mountain.

This would be our first ever Ogre type hunt, although it was similar to goblins and Orcs in that there were a variety of Ogre species.


This one was one of the major one, Blue Ogre. The target was 3 blue ogres and the reward was 3 gold.

For every extra you kill, you get a gold coin each.

Furthermore, it was a humanoid class monster, and as far as platinum rank monsters go, it was definitely on the lower end in terms of strength within the class.

Perfect for our first request in a new city in my opinion.

“All said and done, I have never even seen an Ogre, right?!”

“I haven’t either. There should be a lot of them though, but they don’t show up much around Oxter and Realzard.”

“I’m looking forward to it. Fighting humanoid monsters makes for some good practice after all.”

While chatting, we lined up for the request processing counter.

……….Still, there’s a lot of strong adventurers here even when compared to Norfast.

The overall level was much higher and I could see a couple of adventurers with presence equal to Carlo.

If I were to assume Carlo to be a diamond rank adventurer, then there were at the very least, 8 diamond class adventurers in this guild.

As expected of one of the three great cities, especially one with a dungeon in it.

The people who gather here might be stronger than even the ones in the capital.

“Welcome. This is the counter for accepting requests, how can I help you?”

While I was looking around, judging other adventurers in the guild, our turn came up faster than I expected.

These guild receptionists really all act the same across the entire country huh.

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“Yeah, we’ll take this request.”

“A Blue Ogre subjugation, I see. Very well. Please hand over you adventurer card.”

After handing over the paper poster of the Blue Ogre, we handed over our cards next.


The receptionist looked at the three cards, and then made a troubled expression.

“Umm……I’m sorry but all three of you are gold rank. I’m afraid I cannot let you accept a platinum rank request.”


Now that she mentions it, we are gold rank adventurers still.

But because we allowed to take the RedKong request, I was sure it’d be fine but……..I guess the Vie chief was really bending a whole lot of rules for us, and that’s why we were allowed to.

“………How have we not increased in rank yet!? We’ve done so many gold rank requests that I was sure we had been promoted by now!!”

“Me too. Does that mean we’ll have to still take a gold rank request then?”

We were thinking of starting off well in this new city with a platinum rank request but the wind had been knocked out of our sails before we even started.

I wonder if there was some way to let us take a platinum rank request.

“At the city we were in, we were allowed to take platinum rank requests though. You can check the records to see that as well but, we really can easily complete platinum rank requests.”

“……….I’m sorry, but rules are rules.”

“Hey our completion rate is 100% you know? We haven’t failed once since we were rookies, and even took on and completed a platinum rank emergency request……..And even that’s not enough?”

“I’m very sorry. But rules are rules.”

The receptionist didn’t seem like she was going to budge.

I mean I get it. From her point of view, if we mess up, she’s the one that’ll have to take responsibility for bending the rules after all.

There’s a lot of competent people here, and if it is not an emergency request, then there’s no need to let us take it.

I guess we’ll just have to give up and do it the straightforward way.


“……………..Fine, a gold rank——-“

“I heard everything you lot said. If you really wanna take a platinum rank request, why not take one with me?”

Right as when I was about to give up and was about to ask for a gold rank request, someone called out to us from the back.

Turning back to see who it was, we saw a middle aged man with shaggy hair, as if he had been in an explosion, standing there with his arms folded and looking at us.

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  1. Dewani90 Avatar

    Still amazed that the first hero sword is called “Revenger/Vendetta-tein”, also by how the sword acts and reacts, it sounds more like the dragon soul allocated to that blade belongs to Nidhogg instead of Bahamuth, you know, the one called “The Scourge of the land/Immortal Dragon of Deathly Poison”


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