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Null Poison Ch172

Mr. Shaggy hair

Seeing that shaggy haired man, I asked a simple question.

“Who even are you?”

“I am Bors, a platinum rank adventurer! It just so happened that my party members took a sick leave, so I was going to take a solo request but seeing you lot making a ruckus at the reception—-I decided to call out to you.”

Arms still folded, he explained himself to us.

Huh………….a Platinum rank adventurer eh.

Judging by his looks, he doesn’t exactly look that strong so I don’t really see any reason to get along with him.

………but, if it allows us to take a platinum rank request, I guess we could always work together temporarily.

“Receptionist. If we take and complete a platinum rank request with him, will that still count towards our own records as well?”

“Well depending on the rank of the adventurer you take it and the number, it will fluctuate but…..generally speaking, yes it will absolutely count towards your own record as well.”

“I see. If that’s the case, Bors, let’s take this request together.”

“Oh? You’re a cheeky brat aren’t ya!……..My oh my, maybe I have made a mistake calling out you lot?”

“It’s no mistake. It’s neither pride nor conceit, we just know we are strong that’s all.”


I proudly spoke to him while he was re-evaluating his decision as he scratched his head.

At the very least, all the three of us are far stronger than this Bors dude.

“Dayum, that’s some confidence!………A’ight, let’s do this together then. Hey receptionist lady, I’ll take the request these lot were going to take.”


“Understood. Then allow me to complete the paperwork.”

And thus, out of nowhere, we ended up taking a request with this weird old man called Bors.

First time in a new city, first request and first time, cooperating with someone.

There were a lot of ‘firsts’ happening suddenly so I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous at all but, we don’t have a choice if we want to quickly raise our ranks.

Soon after, alongside the shaggy haired man, we left the building.

Before we headed to the location, the Barbadd mountains, I decided to ask the man a couple of things.

“So, why did you call out to us specifically?”

As soon as we left the guild, I questioned Bors.

We weren’t even acquainted, and neither were we famous or anything, yet he randomly called to out to us? Why?

There’s always a chance that there’s a catch to this.

“Why you ask……..I told you already! Since you lot were arguing with the receptionist, I figured I’ll help you out.”

“And I’m asking why did you feel like helping us out. If you’re expecting some extra reward, I’ll say it beforehand, there won’t be any.”

“I don’t need anything more than what I earn mate! I mean, to help a couple of youngsters in a pinch……..ain’t that cool? Well, by the looks of it, I may have ended up with a couple of shitty brats though!”

Bors complained back.

………What a lame reason but, it did satisfy me.

He’s too weak to be a pursuer sent by Klaus and I don’t really sense any other kind of greed from his either.

He really might have called out to us out of pure kindness.


“Is that so. The lame reason aside, you have my thanks.”

“If you’re really grateful then choose better words damnit! I’m like twice as old as you lot you know!?”

“Sorry. But just living more alone isn’t enough to earn my respect.—–If someone was really worth my respect, I’ll give it to them even if they were much younger than myself.”


“Uguh!……….Oi, you two in the back, don’t just watch and help me out here will ya!? Your friend is gonna destroy my morale before we even begin fighting these damn Ogres!!”

For whatever reason, he tried asking Ralf and Esta for help but Ralf just continued laughing bemused meanwhile, Esta simply ignored him completely.

Only Snow, jumped out of the bag and came running to Bors.

“ooh what’s this, what’s this! Are you to cheer me up buddy! Damn it’s hella cute! This…….cat? dog? What exactly is your pet?”

“That ‘pet’ is a Snow Panther, it’s called Snow. By the way, my name’s Chris. The two behind me are Ralf and Esta.”

“Snow, Chris, Ralf and Esta eh. I already introduced myself but once again, I’m Bors. I’ve been an adventurer in Edestor for almost 20 years now! If ya got anything to ask, go ahead, I’ll answer!”

Bors spoke proudly, puffing his chest.

Even though I literally just told him that how long you’ve lived won’t earn any respect here, he still ended up boldly proclaiming about how long he’s been doing this.

“By the way, your Adventurer Career history is not something to be proudly proclaiming to everyone.”


“We had been working as Adventurers in the town of Oxter by the way. We’re all gold rank, and should be close to promoting soon as well.”

“Gold, at that age!?! I kinda felt it from your presence and all that but you lot really aren’t a bunch of normal kids are ya?………Well, you wouldn’t have been talking that much smack without the ability to back it I guess!”

But Ralf simply tilted his head in confusion.

“Really?……….I swear Chris was like this even when he was weak right?”

“He definitely was. Even when he was rookie, he was pretty much like this.”

“Well yeah, when I met you two, I certainly had become like this. But I was more of a nice and obedient good boy back when I was still at home you know?”

“I can’t even imagine Chris being like that!”

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Back then, everything I did was to make sure that my father didn’t lose his temper on me.

But it’s because of that, I realized that living for the sake of others was a stupid fucking thing to do.

“Alright, I got a pretty good grasp on you three. And it doesn’t seem like you’d be dead weight either! I can be relieved and focus fully on the request now!”

“You don’t need to be worried about our strength. If anything, you can let us handle the hunting of the Blue Ogres and you can wait and watch from afar.”

“Dayum, that’s some confidence alright!……..but, I’ll be fighting as well I’m afraid. I need to make you respect me properly, don’t I Chris!”

For whatever reason, Bors seemed to be more fired up now.

I guess he has his own pride as well as 20yr veteran.

And thus, while doing our intros and chatting about other stuff, we left Edestor and headed to the Barbadd mountains.

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