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Null Poison Ch173

Barbadd Mountains

“he he he, we’re finally here! This is probably the first time for you three and Snow but, these are the Barbadd mountains !……..Got quite a eerie atmosphere to it, don’t ya think?”

As we reached the mountains, Bors gave this odd introduction but……..he’s right. It’s definitely got a ominous atmosphere surrounding it.

This was in a completely different level from the mountains where we fought the Snow Panther and the Venom Pythons, and the pressure this place was giving off was high enough that it could make anyone think twice before stepping into the place.

If I had to compare, it was similar to the aura the Ongneer plant released.

The air felt freezing, and it felt like every living thing here wanted to kill you. That kinda atmosphere.


“True, it’s definitely got an aura about it, these mountains that is.”

“Damn, my goosebumps haven’t settled since we’ve come here! And this is just the foot of the mountains so its fine but the further up top you go, the more your instincts scream at you to stay away from there!”

“I too…….feel like me feet have gotten heavier.”


“I know, right! These Barbadd mountains are said to be the most dangerous place around Edestor!”

Maybe he thought we were overawed, as he Bors spoke proudly of the place.

………It kind of pisses me off that he think that I’m actually afraid.

“The most dangerous around Edestor? More than even the Dungeon or the great forest of Roza?”

“Well, I’m not sure on the details either! None of those places haven’t been explored as much after all!……..But, the dangers of Barbadd mountains are the most clear, distinct and easy to tell That’s why I think everyone considers it the most dangerous, I think?”

I see. Certainly, it was ‘easy to tell’ that these mountains were dangerous.

A normal person wouldn’t even want to approach even the foot of the mountains.

Even on the way to here, there were monsters constantly popping up from the direction of the mountains.

“Guess we’ll have to fight a lot more even on the way to the Blue Ogres eh?”

“Only if you take the normal path! There really are monsters crawling all over the place……..But, be not afraid! My enemy detection skills are elite so we should be able to avoid most monsters in the way!”

He beat his puffed chest proudly as he proclaimed so.

Part of me wanted to just leave to Snow as always but perhaps, it’s better to let the guy with experience with the area take the lead first time around.

“Alright. If that’s the case, Bors, you lead the way.”

“Bors-san, we’re counting on you!……that said, don’t fret it even if we run into stuff cuz we’ll take care of it alright?”

“Even though you’re  half my age and lower in rank than me, sure, take care of me lad! Alright then, let’s go look for these Blue Ogres!”

With the eager Bors as the vanguard, we entered the Barbadd mountains.



From there, we moved at quite possibly the slowest pace possible for another hour.

And finally, we reached the area where Blue Ogres appear.

Half way through, I also activated my skills to detect enemies but, the number of monster was so huge that there really was no point even bothering to detect them.


Snow’s detection ability range was even better than mine so it looked even more confused and panicked than me.

But yet, like he had proclaimed, Bors managed to lead us all the way to this area without getting noticed by a single monster.

Our pace was slow but, he guided us with care while making absolutely sure of the location of the enemies.

His life presence was weak and mana presence was basically zero.

Yet, I must admit, I may have underestimated Bors a bit……..I guess he hasn’t been a 20yr veteran adventurer for nothing.

“Found it. There’s a Blue Ogre right behind that tree over there!”

“…….He’s right. Unlike other monsters, this one’s got a much bigger life presence.”

“The fuck are you both talking about!? Stop talking between you two who have detection abilities and tell me where in a more simple way, can you??”

We ignored Ralf who was nagging, and I focused on the blue ogre to check its abilities.

On top of [Life Presence Sense] [Mana Sense] and [Perception Enhancement], I also activated [Perception Range Enhancement], and tried to get a read on this Blue Ogre’s strength.

It’s presence was a lot stronger than Bors or Greath, but lower than Leon.

As for mana, I sensed absolutely nothing so I don’t think we have to be worried of any magic usage from it.

That’s pretty much all I could gather from here, but I got a rough approximate on its strength which is enough.

………If only I had also absorbed [Observing Eye] from Carlo, I could have learnt a lot more in detail perhaps.

Once again I ended up recalling how I didn’t get the one skill I wanted more than anything.

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“Just follow us and you’ll see it soon enough Ralf……….Speaking of, how are we going to fight this thing? If you don’t mind, we could go straight up and kill it by ourselves but what do you say?”

“All right then, show me what ya’ll got! I could go an beat it as well but I’d like to see Chris and your party’s strength here!”

“Alright. Bors, you wait here with Esta. We’ll go and quickly deal with this one.”

Saying that to him, me, Ralf and Snow headed towards the Blue Ogre.

I had Esta rady to fire magic in case things bad but, for a mere Blue Ogre, us three should be more than enough.

“It’s behind the tree right in front of us. Surely you can also tell from this close up right?”

“oh, I see it! So that’s a blue Ogre eh!”                                                          

A strong muscular build with bluish-black skin, and you could see two horns growing from its forehead.

In its hand, it held a big Iron axe that could easily cleave through a person.

The amount Blue Ogres in our sights were two total.

I’ll kill one and as for the other, how about we have Snow deal with it.

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