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Null Poison Ch179


(T/N; Lit. means Starving. I’m leaving it as is because it’s used as a proper noun here)

“Alright then, with this we’ve visited the weapons store, the items shop, and now the alchemists store! They were all great right?”

“Yeah, they most certainly were. I suppose it’s to be expected considering how long you’ve lived here but you really do know all about the stores here huh.”

“It was really only three stores that I introduced you to this time, if we had more time I can show you around a whole lot more cool places in this city!………Now then, how we get something to eat before it gets too dark! My treat today, as thanks for the huge profit I earned!”

While we went around looking at all these stores, it had already started to become dark outside.

Honestly, we were all a bit hungry right after finishing the request so now, I was really looking forward to a feast.


“You’ll treat us? Sure, we’ll gladly accept.”

“Bors-san, we are all big eaters, I’m telling you right now. You sure you’ll be okay? You might lose all your earnings from today in a single night you know?”

“It’s fine, it’s fine. I’ve been trying to look all cool and respectable since the time I helped you at the guild, but never really got the chance! At least let me act like the dependable senior here for once.”


“Bors-san, thank you very much. We’ll take you up on that offer then.”

“Of course! I’ll take you all to a great restaurant, so look forward to it.”

Since meeting us, perhaps this was the first time he could actually act like the cool and dependable senior so Bors looked more energetic than usual.

I’ve been thinking of why he’d been so nice to us all this time but, perhaps this was simply his personality——-always trying help anyone who may need it.

Since all the places he led us o until now were all great spots so I was looking forward to what kind of eatery will he introduce us to next when…….

The place we stopped at , was a small joint just a slight distance away from the adventurer guild.

Although, this place did have a proper sign outside, unlike Kevin’s store or [Gaddfoura].

Umm, ‘Steak Specialist [PekoPeko]’? Apparently, steaks are their speciality the sign says.

“So I imagine the Steaks here are really good?”

“Steak specialist sounds like my kinda place!!”

“Yes, as the signs says, the steaks here are their speciality………..but you see, they’re not just normal steaks that they serve here. “

“You’re intentionally being vague aren’t you. Also, the board says [CLOSED] right now, you know?”

“It’s run by an old friend so it’ll be fine! If anything, when it says [OPEN] it’d be pretty hard to even enter.”

Won’t even let us in when it says [OPEN]??

His previous statement of it being a ‘not normal steak’ on top of this, seriously, just what kind of store was this? I had so many questions.

………..well, we’re going to find out soon enough when we enter.

Ignoring the [CLOSED] sign, we followed Bors into the building.

The insides of the store were dimly lit and quite narrow.

There was only one long counter with seats for customers I imagine and you could see the kitchen beyond it. That was the general layout of the place.

“I was wondering who’d just come in, and well, if it isn’t Bors. Don’t just enter someone’s place whenever you feel like it man.”

“Please let us feast on your steaks today! I have some friends with me as well!”

The person to appear from the inner side of the store was a long haired man.

He was wearing the classic fancy looking chef’s white attire but, he certainly lacked a sense of cleanliness that you’d expect.

Bors did say it was fine since he was a friend, but he didn’t seem very welcome of us though.

………is he really going to let us eat here?

“There’s only so much extra stock I have you know? After all, my store is completely run on advance bookings. I don’t have enough extra meat to serve 4 people out of nowhere mate.”

“Oh c’mon, don’t say that and let us eat! We’re okay even if it’s using the cold stored ones!”

“………I’ll allow it if you pay double the price.”

“Double!? How about around 30% more?”

“Double or nothing. Anything less and I ain’t cooking.”


The cook seemed unwilling to budge from his stance, so Bors gave a quick glance towards us.

I guessed paying double was bit too much even for him but……..

“Fine! I’ll pay double then!”

“Wait really? If you just book in advance like normal and you could enjoy it without overpaying, but you remain an idiot as always I see.”


“It’s fine! I really want them to enjoy the greatest food in all of Edestor alright!”

“…………just pay me a third more than usual, that’ll do. Anyway, come and sit down, I’ll go bring the meat.”

“You sure!? Thanks as always, man!! Aah, also bring some good beef meat as well!”

As the cook returned back to the inside of the store, Bors gave a thumbs up towards us and led us to get seated by the counter.

But still, an Edestor speciality that could only be eaten when booked in advance? Now, I’m really getting excited for it.

“Alright, alright. It’s gonna cost me a tad bit more than I had hoped but, now we can enjoy a great meal finally!”

“Bors-san, we can always pay as well you know? It’s not like we’re hurting for money or anything anyway.”

“no no, besides, Ralf, aren’t you saving up money for that sword? This is where you simply let your senior adventurer spoil you and treat you!”

Ralf offered to split the bill, but Bors simply refuted it with such talk.

As I thought………this man is a bit too much of nice guy.

This is literally the first day we’ve met but, he’s going so far for us.

In Realzard, I met Ralf, Esta, the old man from the store, and the Priest.

In Oxter, we met Shantell, the vice-chief, the priest there, and of course the [Silver Winged Lion].

And now, we’ve already met Bors in Edestor………..Seriously, I am truly blessed with the amount of good people I have met in life.

“Hey Bors, so what kind of steak is this? Is it Stray Cowbird steak?”

“Oh, it’s much, much better than that! Just wait till you actually eat it!”

Looking around, there wasn’t even a menu anywhere, so I really had no idea what kind of meat was going to be served to us.

As we fidgeted in place waiting for the cook to return, he finally came back with a giant slab of meat.

“Sorry for the wait. There’s not much time till I have to actually Open, so let’s start right away.”

“Ou! I cannot wait!”

With skilled, experienced motions, he sliced through the bulky piece of meat, poured some oil on the iron pan, fried some garlic and then dropped the Steak onto the iron pan.

A nice sizzling sound came as the incredible smell of the steak spread across the store.

I unconsciously ended up swallowing my spit as my mouth continued to water, and my eyes remained fixated on the steak.

……….this looks delicious.

Perhaps the fact that I was already starving added to it but, this meat—–no, among all the things I have eaten in my life, this looked like the best of all.

Salt and pepper covered the meat as the steak got fried, and then he put the other half of the cut steak and fried it as well.

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From the looks of it, it looked like a well-done steak but, then he cut it up one more time and you could see that it hadn’t cooked all the way yet.

I wondered if he’d fry them again but, he brought the steak out of the pan, garnished it with the fried garlic from earlier and served it to us.

I haven’t eaten meat that was still this red on the inside since maybe when I first hid inside Peixa forest but, I wonder if it was okay.

“Here’s the first three serving. Who’s starting first?”

“Let the kids have it first! I’ll take the last one!”

“Alright. Here you go, don’t let it cool and dig in.”


Me, Ralf and Esta were all served a plate with a big piece of steak on it.

All three of us looked at each other once and nodded, and then dug into the meat and brought it to our mouths.

All it had been prepared with was salt and pepper.

And then with the garlic on top later, I put the steak inside my mouth.

…………………….What the hell?——–delicious. This is way too good!!

The moment my teeth bit into it, the taste exploded inside my mouth.

Even though it was steak, it seemed like it was melting inside my mouth, and it soon disappeared inside my stomach.

My brain was shook from the taste, and honestly I was afraid of how a single piece of meat could make me feel this way———-but my hands would not stop as I took in the next bite.

The same thing happened and it was down my stomach before I knew it, so I took another bite obviously.

I’m sure the size of the steak served on my plate was pretty big but……….I consumed it all with breakneck speed.

Gazing at the empty and clean plate, I finally returned to my senses and looked around.

Since the moment I ate the first bite, all I thought of was the steak and nothing else and had no idea what was going on around me…………..

It seems like Ralf and Esta had a similar experience as myself as they had quickly emptied their plates as well.

“That was really delicious…………… seriously, what kind of meat is this?”

“This, my friend, is wyvern meat. My store is the only place in the entirety of Edestor that serves Wyvern meat.”

“Wyvern meat………? Wait by wyvern, you really mean the same wyvern we’re all thinking about right?”

“Ehehehe! Shocked, are ya Chris! Like you said, this is in fact the meat from the very same dragon-like Wyvern that you’re thinking of! Wasn’t it just mesmerizingly delicious?”

“Yeah, I think my brain went numb from how good the taste was.”

“Same here! I think I felt a bit dizzy from just tasting it!”

“I didn’t even realize how quickly I went through it all…………I think that was the greatest thing I have ever eaten in my entire life.”


After my own, Ralf and Esta also gave their own impressions of the wyvern steak respectively.

Seeing our reactions, Borns grinned happily.

“Well seeing you all’s reactions makes it all worth it then! And looks like even Snow’s having a great time, though that isn’t wyvern meat as you’d expect.”


Looking down, at some point it seems Snow had been brought some fresh raw meat to feast on as well. It was licking the plate on which the beef meat was brought on clean by now.

“I never could have imagined it’d be this tasty. Bors, thank you for bringing us to the best place.”

“Don’t mention it! I’ll be in your care for some time after all!”

“Yeah, just leave it to us! We’ll make sure you end up hella rich by the end!”

“Agreed. We’ll be sure to pay back this favour two-fold!”

All three of us had been completely reenergized and after waiting for Bors-san to finish his meal as well, we left [PekoPeko].

We ate a lot but, the taste was so good, I could honestly go for another round.

………..or rather, I need to make a booking so that we can come again as soon as possible.

“Man that was delicious!………the aftertaste hasn’t even disappeared yet!”

“I’m still in shock honestly. I never imagined we’d get treated to such a delicacy.”

“I’m glad you all seem so happy! How was it, Chris? Have I finally earned enough respect to be referred to by a formal suffix?!”

“Honestly, that wyvern meat alone could have earned it but………I won’t just yet.”

“You’re one stubborn little bastard aren’t ya! A’ight then, then let me show you a nice Inn as promised and then end our little tour shall we?”

Soon, the almost half day long tour of Edestor led by Bors, was finally coming to an end.

Finally, the inn he wanted to show was close to the guild and [PekoPeko] and so we finally made our way there.

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