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Null Poison Ch180


From the looks, it looked like a pretty normal Inn.

Compared to the [Tree Top Tower] we stayed in for a while in Oxter, it was slightly bigger and a bit more cleaner though I must say.

“So this is the Inn you wanted to recommend?”

“Yeah! It’s also where I live as well! I’ll show you around so c’mon in!”

The interior was all made of wood so it had an antique feel to it but, it was far from the dirty looking feel of [Shangri-la Hotel], and had this elegance to its look.

We ignored the reception and were led in by Bors to a certain room.

“Wait here for a sec. ——-Oi, it’s me, Bors. Open up!”

He gave the door a couple knocks, and spoke towards the door.

……….so Bors is living together with someone?


As we waited for the person inside, the door was finally opened after a while——and from inside a slightly worn out man showed his face.

His hair was all a mess but he had a striking, good-looking face.


“Out of nowhere, what happened all of a sudden?”

“I ended up making a temp party with some people, so I’m here to introduce you to them  as well!”

“I don’t need to be introduced to anyone honestly. I’m still sick, so let me sleep.”

” But I heard that you got much better! You’re just saying that cuz you just find it a bother aren’t you? C’mon, at least greet them properly!”

He pulled the young man out of the room and made him face us.

The young man with unkempt hair looked pretty annoyed but he gave a slight bow as a greeting regardless.

……….I see, so he planned on introducing his party members alongside showing us his recommended Inn eh.

“This guy is one of my party members, Rufus! He may not look it, but he’s actually the same age as me!”

“Hello……..thank you for helping Bors out.”

“No, he’s been a great help for us as well. I’m Chris, and these two are Ralf and Esta.”

He looked like he had a listless attitude, but his actual demeanour was quite low key.

………….if he’s the same age as Bors, then even with these looks, he was actually a middle aged man?

Honestly he looked so much younger than that that my brain couldn’t really recognize him as a middle aged man.


“Until I’m fully recovered, please take care of Bors for me……….is that enough?”

“Yeah! You can go back inside now!”

“Thanks………..Then, I’ll see you all once I’m healthy again.”

He gave another short bow and then returned back into his room.


I had heard that he was ill but he really looked quite down.

“You really didn’t have to make him come out just to greet us honestly. He looked like he was in a rough state you know?”

“Nah, Rufus is more or less like that even when he’s healthy! Besides, he just caught a bit of a cold, it’s nothing serious in his case.”

“Is that so. Then is it this Rupert guy, that is the one with the more severe illness?”

“Yeah. But, Rupert has been recovering as well so I’ll introduce him to you once he’s better………so anyway, how do you like the Inn? Pretty nice, no?”

“yeah, it’s definitely nice but………what’s the rent like?”

“1 silver and 5 copper for a night! If you want meals to go with it, add another 1 silver!”

So a bit cheaper than [Gorush], the Inn we were staying in for now.

This inn was definitely better in quality and was cheaper still so there was only one other point of contention.

“It’s nice and all so I wouldn’t mind switching here but………would this Inn allow Snow inside?”

When I asked, Bors’ smile froze up.

I guess he really didn’t think of that did he?

“I-I think it’ll be fine right? The owner of this place is a nice person after all!”

“Being a nice person has nothing to do with it. We ignored the reception so we didn’t even ask………Honestly, I have a bad feeling about this.”

“…………………Let’s go back and ask right now!”

We quickly returned back to the entrance and asked if pets were allowed, and as expected the answer was a clear no.

Most places that focus so much on keeping things clean and tidy tend to refuse this. Well, I had a feeling that’d be the case though.

“I’m really sorry! I made you all come here for nothing.”

“Well it’s fine. Just think of it as if we came here just to meet Rufus. It’s not that big of a deal.”

“Exactly! You showed us a lot of great places already, Bors-san, no need to feel bad about this!”

“I agree.……….[PekoPeko] especially was incredible.”

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Recalling the steak again, both Ralf and Esta seemed lost in their thoughts again.

And me too……..recalled the taste again, and started to feel my mouth begin to water again.


“It’s true, the wyvern steak was impactful. I honestly want to eat it again already.”

“Well, if you guys enjoyed it that much, it really was worth all the trouble!”

Anyway, once again, thank you for helping with the request as well as guiding us around Edestor………..Are you going to take on a request tomorrow again Bors?”

“I plan on doing so but are you guys planning not to?”

“No, we too plan on taking requests basically every day for the foreseeable future. If you will come as well, then we’ll head out tomorrow together the same as today.”

“Sure! I’ll be in your care again!”

After giving one last proper thanks to Bors, since this was Bors’ inn already, we separated from him and made our way back to [Gorush].

From tomorrow, we’re gonna bang out requests one after another and once we’ve gathered enough money, I’ll then head finally to the great forest of Roza to explore it.

Until that time, let’s keep on completing requests alongside Bors, shall we?

In that time, I hope I can figure out the secrets behind Bors’ fighting style, because it seems like I have no choice but to observe his battles closely and steal it for myself.

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