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Null Poison Ch31

Treatment fees

The next day.

When I opened my eyes, Ralf was already finished with his prep and waiting for me.

He didn’t wake me up but I could clearly see he was fidgeting, unable to calm down.

Even though I said so many times that it wasn’t that early.

“Morning. I see someone couldn’t stop themselves from being early. Even after I explained it.”

“Can’t help it if I woke early naturally can I? Anyway, when do we leave?”

“I need to freshen up as well so don’t get impatient………Did Esta leave already?”

I could see her anywhere in the room.

Even though there’s no goblin hunting today, these two still started their days so early.

“Yeah. For ‘information gathering’ she said. This is daily routine for both of us so we cant help but wake up this early.”

“I guess so. Though you could have taken it easy on a day off but I suppose your body wont allow it.”

“Something like that. Anyway, let’s go already!”

“Yeah yeah.”

While being urged by Ralf, I quickly finished my prep and we left for a certain Healing guild in the commercial district.

Unlike the adventurer guild that could be reached just a couple steps away from our inn in the industrial district, the healing guild was set in the commercial district due to the demand apparently.

Since other healing wards and medicine shops were also set up in the commercial district I suppose it makes sense. Either way, we were going to have to head there sooner or later.


Reaching the guild we quickly entered and went straight to the reception.

“Good morning, how may I help you today?”

” I wanted to get an injury looked at. It’s an old lasting injury. Can it be done?”

“An old external wound, is that right?”


“Understood. I’ll need your IDs first please.”

I elbowed Ralf to provide his Adventurer card. Panicking he quickly brought it out and handed it to the receptionist as she noted his details down on a paper.

“Thank you for that. Now then please take a seat and wait for your turn. You are number 5.”

Since it was right after opening up, there weren’t too many people here yet and we could get an inspection done pretty fast.

Ralf looked impatient and excited when leaving the guild but since coming here, that has turned into nervousness.

It’s not a joke to say that the result of this will decide his future, his destiny so it’s not like I don’t understand his feelings.

Should I start small talk to loosen his nervousness—–but before I could, the number 5 was called.


“C’mon Ralf. Let’s go.”

“Wai, Already……? That’s fast no?”

“I don’t see how that’s a problem?”

Giving his back a light push, we followed  the guide and entered a room.

Inside a Healer, seemed like was in his fifties, was sat and looking at the paper written by the receptionist.

“Good morning. You wanted an old would looked at am I correct?”

“Yes, we’ll be in your care.”

“So, which one of you two is the patient?”

“…..Ah, m-Me sir.”

“Then can you show where your injury is?”

Still nervous, Ralf awkwardly pulled the cuff of his trouser up to his knees and showed the exact location of his injury.

This is my first time seeing it as well; on his left knee there was a single deep old wound and the part looked oddly swelled due to it.

“Oh dear…….This certainly a rough one. How long ago was it?”

“Around seven years ago. I tried to land myself after falling from a high place and it just went splat.”

“Do you mind if I touch it?”

“Pl-Please, go ahead.”

The healer felt around Ralf’s wound to figure out where exactly the pain really came about from.

“This looks like a complete ligament tear. And because of receiving no treatment, the meniscus is damaged as well.”

“S-so then recovery really is impossible?”

“No, not impossible. We’ll need to conduct surgery and transplant the ligament, stitch it all back up; and as for the meniscus, we can insert oil from metal slime as replacement which should heal the injury.”

“So I can really be healed!?”

“I have no reason to lie. But, I should say this in advance, the cost of the surgery will be high. And the Metal slime will need to be brought from your side as well, we can’t provide it here.”

“How much will it cost?”

“The surgery itself will cost 20 platinum coins alone. And whatever it might take for you to get Metal slime oil on top of it.”


Damn, that’s expensive as hell.

No wonder Ralf crumbled.

My earnings for the past month was about 12 gold coins. It’ll take me almost a year and half at current rate with no additional expenses to save that much up.

On top that, we also need to obtain this item called Metal Slime oil, which I have no idea about where to even start.

“That’s too much. Is there really no other choice?”

“Unfortunately, the injury has been left untreated for far too long……..If it was right after the injury happened, a few potions might have done the trick, and not to mention from what I can tell there are traces of the muscles being overused forcibly since then many a times as well. Did your knee suddenly collapse and give out on you before?”

“……It did.”

“I thought so. If you want to have it done here, getting a full replacement is the cheapest method.”

” ‘this healing guild’ you say…….? does that mean it can be done cheaper elsewhere?”

“Well, other healing wards will actually cost more but…..well..”

“But? What?”


The healer held his tongue after saying that. On my urging, he began talking again.

“…….You should look into a man called Brad. That’s about as much a Healer employed by the Guild can say unfortunately.”

“—–I see. Thank you for the examination and for the info. It was of great help.”

“No no, if anything I apologize for not being a better help. I could at least provide some painkillers, how about it?”

“…………Don’t need it.”

I pulled the dejected Ralf away after giving a bow to the healer, and left the Guild.




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Going by the talk, Ralf’s complete recovery seems like it’s going to be very tough.

I knew that it was a serious injury from how much pain it caused him but I didn’t think it’d cost 20 platinum coins.

For the time being, I should focus on finding this ‘Brand’ guy that the Healer recommended but still, looks like getting Esta to become a magician is going to become first priority after all.

“Oi, can you stop being a debbie downer already? We’re going to find this Brad guy.”

“…….I’m done. I told you didn’t I. This was unhealable after all.”

“But the healer literally said that it CAN be healed though? Worst case, we just have to save up 20 platinum coins that’s all.”

“And how the hell are we going to manage that?! Do you know how much savings I have right now? 2 silver coins. JUST TWO SILVER! If it was 20 gold coins I’d still have to give up, how the fuck am I going to pay 20 platinum coins?!”

“So what? You’re just going to give up? I have no intention of staying with a spineless guy. We made a party just yesterday but maybe I should just cancel it and mind my own business then after all.”

“……………..I’m not giving up. Man, at least let me complain for a while.”

“If bitching about it was of any help, sure go ahead. But it won’t, so instead use that time to follow whatever little possibility and hope there is left. So if you haven’t given up yet, then let’s go find this Brad guy.”

Giving a figurative kick to Ralf’s back, we decided for look for this man called Brad.

Since all we got was his name, I have no idea who or what kind of person this Brad even is. So we decided to split up and go around healing wards and other related places to look for any tips or clues or hints and gather info about this ‘Brad’.

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