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Null Poison Ch34

The two types of Plant

Yesterday, I handed the two a decent amount of money and had them leave for the capital.

Since I explained everything to Esta directly, I’m not worried about failure.

As for me……I’ll head towards Peixa forest for another month of exploration.

Yesterday, I ate one plant, had another assessment and result was that nothing raised. Then I ate another one and found only my Endurance to rise and thus, ending my research.

With collecting these two specific plants as my main objective, I’ll try and collect different and new poisonous plants for my next expedition.

Right now I have found a plant for both Endurance and Stamina but what I really need is one that raises my Strength.

Going by just the stats, there has to be a type in the Peixa forest that does that and finding that one is my goal this time around.

Resolving myself, I left the inn and quickly began making my way to the forest once more.

Right now, it has left our rented room completely empty but I have paid enough money in advance so as to hopefully not get expelled and our things thrown out.

While that felt tight on my purse, losing our belongings and room was far worse, and so it couldn’t be helped.




Having left Realzard, I finally reached the Peixa forests once again.

The sweet scent of nature filled my breath, and I could feel my nerves and tension relax a bit.

I didn’t feel the fear I did last time and what remained of my trauma had long since healed after the last trip.

Entering the forest, I made my way back to the spring in the central area. Collecting water and rehydrating myself, I made my way through the trackless path to my usual base.

I did consider finding and/or making a new one but there were still so many wild plants growing around this area that I hadn’t checked that I felt it was better to stay in a familiar place.

It’s not even like I knew exactly where the base was. It was closer to instinct how I would somehow make my way there, and after a couple of hours I did reach that all too familiar gap between two rocks.

There were no traces of monster or people being here and I made sure that it looked almost exactly as how I had left it. And so I once again cover the floor with leaves and branches and recreated my temp base.


After going through the same motions again, I quickly moved to gathering plants, old and new.

My main focus was to gather the two I know had an effect; one was a plant with acute purple flower that raised my Endurance.

It didn’t look like it had poison but after confirming the traces I later found out that when I first entered the forest, the decaying meat that I had found was from an animal that died from eating this plant. Which meant that it possessed enough poison to be a lethal dose.

The other was a mushroom, a mushroom that raised my Stamina. White grass and red spots on top, it looked poisonous even to the basic eye.

I haven’t tested just how poisonous it is but judging by just its obvious appearance, its bound to be as deadly as the other.

I named both of them Reizen grass and Genpei mushroom respectively and decided to gather as much as I could, without of course completely uprooting them entirely.

While collecting these 2, I recorded the places I found these and interpreted its growing conditions, and continued my exploration.

As my end goal is to make it possible to grow them myself in my own garden, well not the inn I suppose. I don’t think they’ll allow growing poisonous plants there.

I could rent a farm as well, but there too, I think I’ll get caught if they find out what I’m growing.

Which means I have to buy my own house one day and grow them secretly on the roof or something but, that’s a far and away dream for now.

Expenses for my expeditions, for ability assessment, for Ralf’s treatment, and for Esta’s grimoire; at until I have saved up enough for these four things, only then can I start saving up for my own house.

I am lacking money for everything I need right now.

While thinking of better, more efficient ways of earning money, I continued harvesting plants till the sun set.




Returning back before dusk, I lit up a lamp and wrote down all the details I learnt about Reizen grass and Genpei mushrooms on a paper.

Then, after separating today’s eating worth of plants aside, I put the rest in the drying basket and began my prep for dinner.

Tonight’s dinner was, bread and stew I brought in a container.

Genpei mushrooms were still, well mushroom so I could eat use them as sort of ingredients and so I put it inside the stew and as for the Reizen grass…….for my final trick, allow me to show you a way to eat without letting it touch your tastebuds at all.

I brought out some Oblaat, a thin stretched out paper like item. (T/N: you can google oblaat. Its ra eal thing)

Esta taught me this but this Oblaat can melt inside your body and if you eating something after wrapping it this Oblaat, you could swallow it without ever tasting it apparently.

And so I wrapped the Reizen grass in an Oblaat and swallowed it whole with water.


It feels odd but it certainly worked as advertised.


I only bought it yesterday but it wasn’t really expensive either. Perhaps with this I can eat these plants in large quantities without problem.

After eating the bread and stew, I ate more of Oblaat wrapped Grass.

For the first time, I ate these plants while still having a ‘tasty’ feel inside my mouth.

I was able to gather both Reizen grass and Genpei mushrooms in large quantities, and was able to find a decent way to consume them.

Feeling truly satisfied, I fell to sleep while listening to sounds of nature.

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