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Null Poison Ch45

Their Ability

Approx two weeks had passed since Esta began her magic practice.

I also continued my days hunting Stray cowbirds, and at night helped Esta with her magic and Ralf with learning swordplay.

Esta’s speed of learning magic was truly unusual as she was already adept at [FireBall] and the ball type variant of the 3 other elements as well and had moved on to learning the high speed ‘arrow’ versions of magic.

Once she learns arrow type magics, she will most certainly be ready to take on bronze quests.

And even Ralf showed exceptional rate of growth, and could get one win out of 50 against even while standing in a single spot. I see no problems in his future progress.

As for myself…..nothing crazy but I did narrow down which plant helped increase my strength.

It was a purple fruit with white spots on it, I named it [Rizarf fruit].

I had already run out of my stock of plants and it was about time to go for another gathering trip to be honest.

There’s still the problem that is the bear type monster, but I can’t let myself be stopped by fear of that thing. I don’t have that choice.

Since now I know the 3 exact things I need to gather there, I should buy a bigger bag and harvest as much as I can in huge quantities in a single go.

And since I have found plants that help with all 3 main stats of Endurance, Stamina and strength, I wont need to spend as much gold on assessment from here onwards as well.

On that note, perhaps I should use the extra funds to get the assessment done for Esta and Ralf.

……, I should get them to earn that money themselves.


“Esta, going for magic practice today as well?”

“Yes. Chris-san would you accompany me as well?”

“Yeah, I need to oversee Ralf’s training anyway. Oh by the way, I do have a suggestion…….how about you get your assessment done before starting your daily practice.”

“Ability assessment you mean?”

“You must have heard the explanation from Guild when you registered as adventurer right?”

“I’m sorry……I didn’t actually.”

“Me neither. The hell is this ability assessment thing anyway?”

Huh. Apparently they didn’t get detailed explained about it and are thus unaware.

I suppose normal people don’t interrogate the receptionist to the point I did, so perhaps you don’t get that explanation by default.

“It’s a ritual that basically shows your physical attributes in numerical form. Think of it like a variation of [Heaven’s blessing].”

“Heeh, there was a service like that. I had no idea.”

“It’s not for free, you have to pay for it.”

“You do? How much?”

“One gold coin.”


“……Ha? HAA? ONE GOLD!? Who the hell would pay that much money just to see their abilities in numbers!? It’s not like that makes you stronger does it?”

“Obviously not, but it helps a lot to figure out just exactly how strong you are right now, and in full detail no less.”

“But even if you don’t do that its not like it’s a problem, is it? Don’t you think so Esta?”

“I-I have to agree there. Especially for one whole gold coin. It’s too expensive.”

Both showed agreement in their opinion.

I assume this is the normal standard opinion and that’s why the receptionist doesn’t bother explaining.

I was planning on getting them to pay for it but judging by their reaction, that’s probably not going to happen.

But it’ll make for a good benchmark for the future so I guess I’ll have to pay it for them.

“I think you two don’t understand. Just knowing how much you are improving with your practice will make your training more efficient. Anyway, I’ll pay this time around so lets go.”

“No, I’m fine. A gold coin could help me last 10 days while enjoying extravagant food, so I’d rather use it that way.”

“And who the hell is going to give you a gold coin for that? If you really don’t want to I wont force you I guess but that doesn’t mean I’ll hand over a gold coin to you to have fun instead either.”

“Eh……..So I might as well get it done, is what you’re saying?”

“Well if you’re paying I suppose I might as well get it done.”

“Then, let’s head to the church before it closes.”

“It’s done at the church huh?”

“The place is the same as where you get your [Heaven’s Blessing] done. Even the process is similar actually.”

“……….Wait Wait, fine, if it’s for free I’ll come too damnit!”

And thus, I headed to the church with these two in tow.

Having gotten used to navigating through the church, I went straight to the usual room as the two followed after me while looking around the place.

Since it was a narrow room, all 3 together made the room a bit more cramped than always.

Not wanting to spend time like this for too long, I quickly rang the bell and the usual priest entered the room.

“……..Oh? you’re not alone this time?”

“Yeah. I brought my friends with me to get their ability assessment as well.”

He didn’t say it but his eyes seemed to be amused by the increase of weirdos from one to three—-

“——Very well. Then please hand over your adventurer cards and 2 gold coins please.”

I urged them to do so and took out two coins from my bag and handed over to the priest.

“Thank you. Then let’s start with the lady first——-And its done. The boy next—–And its done as well. And that’s my work done, please check.”

“Yeah. Thanks as always.”

“Of course. See you next time.”

Taking their cards, we left the church.


The two, who had seemed uninterested in the assessment, had their eyes glued to their stats card checking it.

Ralf still couldn’t read so was passionately asking Esta to translate.

“So, did you learn something from it?”

“Ah yes, it’s fine. I was a bit worried since it was done so quickly but it really is incredibly well done and detailed.”

“Well this might be a funny thing for me to say………but it seems lower than I thought, are you sure this thing is accurate?”

“Once you’re done, show it to me. I did pay for it, I wont take no for an answer.”

“What really? Man, I didn’t want to show it you Chris……..”

“Then give my gold coin back. Your choice. If you do, I wont ask.”

“Like hell I could ever pay that. Here, take it, look as much as you want………just don’t laugh okay?”

“I won’t don’t worry.”

I took the card from him and quickly checked his stats.



Suitable Job: Holy Knight

Endurance: 28

Strength: 10

Stamina: 31

Magic: 10

Agility: 11

Unique Skill : [Divine Protection]

Common Skills: [Divine Strike] [Guardian’s Roar]


I was expecting this but really, he’s strong.

Even though he’s killed nothing but Goblins, his numbers are this high.

Once he actually begins all sorts of monsters, he’ll get stronger at a much faster rate.


Spending time with him, it’s hard to believe he has that much Endurance, Stamina or agility, which means that’s how much his injury is holding him back.

“Had enough? Then give it back already!”

“As expected of a holy knight, the potential is high. Once you get healed, I might have to work harder otherwise you really might surpass me.”

“Huh, is this considered high……..? My strength was just 10 though, I thought it was weak.”

“well I guess I only have my own stats to compare so I can’t be too sure I suppose. Esta, you show yours as well.”

Next I looked at Esta’s stat card.

I really will be in shock if I was behind Esta as well honestly.



Suitable Job: Magician

Endurance: 13

Strength: 7

Stamina: 8

Magic: 41

Agility: 9

Unique Skill : [Mana Recovery]

Common Skills: [Mana Rampage]



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As expected, outside the Magic stat, all her stats are lower than mine.

……..Well actually without the poisonous plants, I’d be below in every other stat as well.

“Your magic stat really is in another level huh.”

“Well I am a magician. I’m honestly a bit relieved.”

“And this [Mana Rampage] is a skill you got during [Heaven’s blessing] I presume? How come you never talked about this uptill now?”

“Well actually even I’m confused as well. Because I most certainly didn’t have that skill back then…….maybe the priest back then forgot about telling that to me?”

There is that possibility.

Even mine was told as [Poison resistance] instead of [Null poison].

I feel like making such mistakes shouldn’t be something that should happening so easily though.

Could there be a chance that it’s a skill that she didn’t receive during the ritual and instead had it from birth?

“Hey Esta, show it to me as well!…..Ohh, I’m stronger as expected. Wait does that mean that my actual ability is not as low as I thought?”

“Probably. It’s more than mine even.”

“Chris show yours as well. We showed ours so its only fair right?”

“Sure, why not.”

I showed my card to Ralf.

I thought he’ll start bragging with pride about how his numbers were better but instead his head tilted to the side all confused upon seeing my card.

“Say, Chris why the hell are yours alone so weird? The top one was Endurance right so…..its 1221?”

“Not 1221 but 12+21. Which is 33.”

“Why are yours alone separated and different like this? It’s kinda hard to tell. Is your card broken?”

“This is just my hypothesis but the value on the left is my normal original ability, and the one on the right is ability increased through other external means.”

“Other means……? What exactly?”


“The plants I eat everyday obviously. I’m getting stronger thanks to those.”

“Wait those dried grass have that much of an effect!?—-that’s not fair, share it with us too! I want to eat it too.”

“Did I not explain this before. Those are horribly poisonous. If you are ready to die then sure, go ahead and try it.”

“Ughh……but it’s still unfair.”

I don’t want to hear about things being unfair from a guy given the [Holy Knight] job to be honest.

I had to work hard to figure out this thin possibility of getting stronger. If I could, I would have happily taken the normal method of getting strong but I was never even given that choice.

“Anyway, that’s how it is. If you want to get stronger my way, by all means gain the [Null poison] skill and then we can talk.”

“How would I do that!?……Fine whatever. I’ll just stick to training properly and get stronger that way.”

“hah, yes, that is infact the right way to do it.”

While getting all heated about ability and stats and whatnot we returned back to [Shangri-la hotel], and after some prep, began our own different training work.

After seeing Ralf’s stats I once again realized it but we really should get his injury healed as soon as possible as it would greatly increase our collective strength.

I had been spending money pretty loosely for some time but now I’ll only for gathering more plants and start aggressively saving money to get that 5 platinum coin price for the surgery quickly.

While fighting Ralf with a wooden sword, I locked on to my next main objective.

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