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Null Poison Ch56

Reconstructive Surgery

The next day.

The soft bed really helped me sleep much better than usual.

Yesterday, after we all took shower, we left to go have some dinner and went straight to sleep after returning.

Among the various delicious looking places, we chose a decently cheap one and decided we’ll have a more luxurious one if today’s surgery succeeds.

“Ralf, feeling ready?”

“Yeah. Thanks to the inn, I feel more well rested than I ever have. I feel good alright.”

“Nice. Let’s pray we can all return to this inn with smiles—–and let’s go.”

Saying that to them, we left the[Gilavar Hotel] and headed towards the black market.

Looks like Ralf was speaking the truth as his usual nervousness was nowhere to be seen and we reached Brad’s place while having a lighthearted chat.

Today, there were no patients from the start so we headed straight to the inner surgery room we saw yesterday.

Inside Brad was already inside, and unlike yesterday he was in a clean white doctor’s robe.

“welcome, welcome! I was waiting for you. I’m really sorry for yesterday.”

“I don’t care for your apologies. Just make sure the surgery succeeds.”

“Leave it to me. Now then Ralf-san, please lie down over here. First, I will use anaesthesia made from extracting from Razuru leaves to inflict numbness and then use Domir fruit extract to put you to sleep. Only after that will I begin the surgery so it will be a long process.”

“I don’t mind. Take your time.”

With my words as the signal, Brad skilfully injected the anaesthesia into Ralf, and after Ralf also swallowed the sleeping extract, he fell deep into slumber within 30mins.

After waiting another hour for the medicine to kick in completely, finally the surgery on Ralf’s knee began.

With no nurse or assistant to help, Brad handle everything himself.

As the rumours had said, his ability was indeed first rate. Even someone like me could tell that from an amateur glance.


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About 8 hours had passed since the operation began.

Finally, all the work was done and Brad began stitching the wound back.

This guy’s a proper shithead no doubt but personality aside, his skill was certainly worthy of respect.

Wiping the sweat off his brow, Brad gave an almost fake looking smile to me and Esta and declared the surgery over.

“The surgery is a success. I even used a custom made special restorative medicine so now all we can do is wait for around 3 days for the wound to heal. And once the stitches are removed, the surgery will be finally complete. It’ll take some more time before he can walk properly again but as long as he keeps healing slowly, he’ll most certainly become capable of moving normally again!”

“Thank you. You were of great help.”

“No no! I only did what I could!——all that said, I would like to get my money if you’d be so willing……..”

Right when I was feeling some respect, he’s back to this.

No wonder this guy fell from grace that hard even with all that skill.

If he had a different personality, he’d probably would have been more respected and in turn also would have made more money.

………But perhaps, he probably would have not gotten this good at his trade without this personality either.

“I won’t pay the full sum just yet.”



“I’ll pay three platinum as advance. After three days, as long as there are no abnormalities and the stitches are removed safely, I’ll pay the remaining 2 platinum coins.”

“……..I see! If that’s the case I’m fine with it. Then may I receive my 3 platinum coins please?”

To be honest, I don’t even want to pay the 3 platinum coins yet but if I don’t this guy might genuinely go insane.

Well a calculating guy like this will probably do the rest of the job properly as long as I still have to pay 2 platinum coins.

I took out 3 platinum coins from my bag and handed it over to Brad.


“Uwawawa! It’s actual, real platinum coins!!…..ahem, thank you for your payment. Well I’ll leave ahead and I’ll see you in three days. Once he’s awake, you can leave whenever you want.”

After saying that as he stared at the 3 platinum coins, brad left the building.

Seeing him like that, I was now certain I made the right choice in making the payment based on success of the operation and I was definitely even more right in paying it in instalments.

I felt a bit exhausted but I’m happy that the surgery ended successfully.

Well, I can’t tell that for certain until he wakes up but for what I can tell there should be no problems.

“………Chris-san, Really thank you very much.”

“for the last time, it’s still too early to be giving me thanks. We haven’t achieved anything yet.”

“I know but I can’t keep these feelings of gratitude inside me either.”

“Fine, then I’ll humbly accept them.”

We exchanged such words in the quiet operating room as we both looked over the sleeping Ralph.

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