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Null Poison Ch57

Info broker

Two hours after the operation was finished.

Ralf finally woke up.

“Ralf, how do you feel?”

“……..wha?………aah, oh yeah. I underwent surgery. Right.”

He must have been drowsy still as he muttered in a low voice and slowly looked at his leg.

Since it was clamped tight to its place it was hard to see the wound directly, and even after seeing it, it didn’t seem like he felt anything different just yet.

“Does it hurt?”

“…….nah, or rather, I’m still too numb to be feeling anything.”

“The meds must have not run out just yet. According to Brad, the surgery was successful. Well, still too early to relax though.”

“he said that if you heal normally, you’ll finally be able to move normally again.”

“…..I see…….Chris, really, thank you.”

“Again, it’s too early for that. C’mon let’s return to the inn. Should I carry you or do you want to use a walking stick? Which do you prefer?”

“Sorry but I’ll take you offer and get carried today. I’m still too numb to even think about walking.”

“I see. Then c’mon, get on my back.”


Carrying the still drowsy Ralf, we returned back to [Gilavar hotel].

We intended to have big success party but that doesn’t seem like it will happen just yet.

After returning, having dinner, and confirming that Ralf had fallen asleep, me and Esta went out into the night.

Our one other objective for coming to the capital. Getting info on Klaus

Since it was already late into the night, we intended to head to the information broker that Esta went to get info on Brad.

Apparently the person set up shop in a room in bar but…….

“Esta, is it this one?”

“Yes, it’s the bar on the second floor of this building specifically.”

This wasn’t in the black market, but the look and atmosphere of the place was exactly the same.


Since it was already closed I wasn’t sure but the first floor was apparently a watch store or something and the second floor was the aforementioned bar.

There were stores on third floor and beyond as well. The third was a dubious one with portraits of women displayed all over, the fourth floor had a store with the words ‘massage’ written in big bold pink letters, an equally dubious one.

All the stores looked dodgy, and I wondered if it was okay to go in even.

Esta though didn’t seem to give a damn about my worries as she boldly entered the building without hesitation.

Climbing the stairs and pushing past the old school wooden doors with [OPEN] written, we entered the bar.

Contrary to its shady exterior, the inside of the bar was pretty fashionable and neat.

And there were quite a lot of people, the atmosphere inside wasn’t bad either.

With how far from the city centre this place was, I thought it’d be filled with nothing but punks and hoodlums to be honest.

“Which one’s the info broker?”

“Wait a second, I’ll go talk to the Bar master.”

Saying that, she went and sat on the bar counter in front of the master and ordered something with 2 silver coins.

Having taken the order, the master poured water in a glass and put it on top of a coaster and handed it to Esta.

Drinking it all in one gulp, she gave a bow and then walked back to me.

“Was that some kind of specific exchange you guys just had?”

“yes, now follow me.”

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As said, I followed Esta to a room a door with a hole for mails, and then she inserted the coaster she got through that hole.

After a while, a *clank* sound of the door unlocking was heard and Esta knocked 4 times before entering the room.

“Hello, and welcome……oh, you’re the girl that came a while ago no?”

“It’s been a while. I wanted some more info so I came yet again.”

“I see. By the way, how was it? The thing you asked for last time?”

“We were able to find him all thanks to you. You have my gratitude.”

Sitting inside the dim room was a young man with tattoos all over his body.

His head was shaved and he had tattoos even on his face so it was hard to tell his exact age.


Could be in his twenties or fourties who knows——he had that kind of face.

“Fu fu fu, well good to know. So what kind of info are you looking for today? I know its not cheap but I’ll tell you anything provided I know of it.”

After the man said that, Esta looked towards me and signalled me to make my question.

And so I began asking that man about whether or not he has any info on Klaus.

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