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Null Poison Ch58

Information on Klaus

“I would like you tell me any information you have on a man named Klaus.”

“……Ara, you look like a fine man. And who might you be?”

“The name’s Chris. I’m in a party with Esta over here.”

“Chris eh—–I’ll remember that……..So, what was it? Info on some guy named Klaus. Was it?”

“That’s right.”

“When you say Klaus I assume you mean that Klaus yes? Of course, I know a lot. It’ll be costly though. You okay with that?”

Saying that, the info broker began taking puffs from his cigarette.

I thought any info about a potential hero candidate would be pretty cheap considering sooner or later everything about will be know to the world but, does he something dangerous on him?

Regardless, I don’t intend to be cheap when it comes to information about Klaus.

“It’ll be fine. I’ll pay.”

“Very well then……..Klaus is a young man with a lot of expectations on him, including the King’s,  having received [Sword God] during his [Heaven’s Blessing]. Half a year ago, he moved to the capital from his hometown, and is currently enrolled in the National training academy where the country gathers all talented individuals with potential.”


When I urged him to continue, he rubbed his thumb and finger together indicating that anything after that will require money.


I took a gold coin out of my bag and flicked it towards him.

“Oh my, why thank you………Apparently, this year has been a good harvest for the academy as there’s been appearance of a [Sage], a [Necromancer], a [Holy Dragon Knight] as well as a [Martial King] here. On top of that, there’s also the [Holy Warrior] who had been part of the Royal Guard even before their [heaven’s Blessing] had happened and of course, the King’s Daughter the [War Princess] herself. And even among all those, the one who was rated the highest was—–you guessed it, the man whose information you seek, the [Sword God] Klaus.”

Even among a gathering of monsters Klaus was still number one, is what he’s trying to tell me.

Well, at least he didn’t fall into ruin or something so that’s one worry taken care of.

“Soon, they plan to take on an actual Dungeon as well apparently with the party made up of the seven people I mentioned early on. At least that’s the big rumor that has been going around these days. By the way, Klaus has been given priority when it comes to making choices and decisions.”

“I see. Thanks for the detailed info. Was of great help.”


Looks like I was able to get a lot more info that I was originally expecting.

Half a year since I escaped after having my life threatened, I thought I had been growing very well but, he too……no, perhaps even more so than myself, he’s been steadily progressing at the same time.

“…….Eh? Are you fine with just this kind of info?”

“—–What? There’s more?”

“Listen here………This is where the really spicy stuff comes in you know?”

“Well, speak then!”

I drew closer over the table to urge the broker to continue talking.

I was honestly satisfied with what I had heard but if there’s even more stuff then…….

What the hell did you do in the last 6 months Klaus?

“Someone’s greedy. You won’t get popular like this you know?”

“Enough already, just talk and do it fast.”

“Fine fine………As you know this Klaus is expected to be the next Hero but he has a lot of dark rumor about him as well. Apparently he’s been giving money to the main criminal organization in the capital, [The Maginicks], there’s also a rumor that he’s connected to [Under Eye] an organization made of adventurers that got expulsed from the Guild, and so on.”

“……..Why would Klaus do such things though? I don’t see any merits for someone in the limelight to take such risks.”

“Unfortunately, I don’t that much either. In the first place, whether these rumors are true are not is up in the air. There’s always a chance that someone who hates Klaus spread this rumors to hurt his image as well.”

“So, it’s a 50/50 situation eh?’

“Though I must say, I think they’re all true. I don’t why he’d be involved with such people but perhaps he thinks that to become a true ‘hero’ he needs to have a grip on the underworld as well?……Also, there’s rumors that he made these connections because he wants to find someone.”

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My heart skipped a beat on the info broker’s last line.

Klaus, that bastard, could he still be looking for me?

After our battle, a long time has passed since I disappeared.

Being just a [Farmer] I thought he would have long since forgotten about me and moved on but…….

Recalling that oddly strong hatred that he had towards me, it’s not impossible for him to do something like that.

“…….But well, that’s about as much as I know.—–So? Quite the problematic hero successor we have on our hands don’t you think? I must say, I’m quite excited to see how things evolve from here on after.”

“——-That might be true. First of all, thanks for the info. Here’s some extra money for the remaining.”

I took another gold coin and flicked it towards the broker.

“Oh my, you’re giving me that much? I was fine with just the one you know?”

“Let’s just I’m happy to have heard what I did. If there’s a next time, do treat me well.”

“Again, most of what I told was only heresay and not confirmed facts so be careful. I’m curious myself, so I’ll do some more digging on Klaus on my own.”

The broker said that but I’m confident, in all likelihood, Klaus is connected to those underground organizations.


——-And his target is to find me who is on the run.

I was right to not have come to the capital out this exact worry before. I should make our current trip short and leave before I get found out as wlel.

…….or rather, having spent so much time in the black market as well as having come to this place itself means that there’s a good chance my info will reach his ears soon enough.

Finishing my info gathering on Klaus, I should perhaps leave the capital alone as soon as possible.

While thinking that, I left the Bar alongside Esta.

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3 responses to “Null Poison Ch58”

  1. Dcrangerange Avatar

    Thanks for the chapter


  2. Uhl Avatar

    Oh boy. So Klaus just doesn’t feel “safe” in his fancy new life unless he eliminates his “entitled” older brother, who he tried to straight up murder, eh?

    Surprising he’s surrounded by an actually talented party, though it wasn’t his choice, but him gravitating to the underworld, that I expected.


  3. Vyda Avatar

    I feel like the dungeon party will end terribly… Like Chris doesn’t need to do shit. If it is this soon and he is alresdy having deals with the underworld, he is going to end up going too far and fucking everything up. He is too powerful for his own good. You give an immature kid a gun, and you shouldn’t be surprised if they end up shooting someone.


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