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Null Poison Ch66

(Start of Volume 2)


After a week of travelling, going through multiple villages and towns, we finally reached our destination. The city of Oxter.

This week’s journey was full of happenings and incidents but somehow, we were able to reach Oxter safely in one piece with no injuries or sicknesses.

“Is that Oxter? We reached it faster than I thought we would.”

“You think? So much happened, I thought we were behind schedule if I’m being honest……”

“I dunno, felt pretty short trip to me too. Maybe I just didn’t feel it cuz I was having too much fun!”

“Ah, perhaps that’s the case for me too. They do say that time flows faster when you’re having fun.”


While arguing over our respective opinions on the trip to Oxter, we walked towards the town in front of us.

Though they had a main gate as well, it was a far cry from the well built one from Realzard or the Capital and there was no entrance inspection either.

Looks like I won’t need to hide my poisonous herbs inside the depths of my bag like I had to back whenever I returned to Realzard.

Considering I was planning on increasing my rate of gathering poisonous plants, this was great news.

Entering the town, thanks to it being close to Norfast, one of three great cities, there were still quite the amount of people going about but……

“Town’s smaller than I expected gotta say. Might be smaller than even Realzard.”

“Certainly, doesn’t look like a big town to say the least.”

“Well, maybe we just think of Realzard as bigger than it actually was. After all even though me and Esta were born and raised there, we rarely ever went to the main streets throughout our time there.”

I think this place was right about in the middle of my own hometown Dezir and Realzard in terms of size.

Well if it was too big that’d be a problem in and of itself so its better this way. It’ll be easier and faster to get used to the layout of the town after all.

“And not to mention, if we really need an item not available here we could just take a quick trip to Norfast. The location might be a blessing in disguise.”


“True! Seems like the perfect place for upstarts like ourselves.”

“Well then, let’s go around and have tour of the town shall we? Gotta keep an eye out for some good places to eat as well.”

“Before that, shouldn’t the inn and Guild come first. I also want to go take a look at the blacksmiths’ place, weapon shops and item shops as well.”

I needed to find the church as well but after hearing the stuff from the handsome priest, I was also a bit scared to go there.

I really should have gone with a fake name when registering myself to the guild instead of simply using my own. Too late to regret it though.

Also, I could get a new adventurer card made but if they find out that one guy is using two different cards, I could get expelled from the guild or so I remember hearing during the explanation from the receptionist when registering.

I was frequently visiting the church as well so they could have found out that I was hiding my identity which would lead to similar results as well.

While rejecting the idea of changing my name inside my head, we began exploring the town of Oxter.


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“The atmosphere ain’t bad here! They don’t seem to have any place like our back-streets but judging by the prices at the stalls, things seem pretty cheap here.”

“So it would seem. Looks like the variety of items available is also pretty good, and even us who could only depend on backstreet shops due to money could quite easily go to these shops increasing our choices as well.”

Like the two said, the shops here aren’t bad at all.

Just walking around the commercial district, I could quickly see a bunch of general stores, vegetable vendors, weapon shops, blacksmiths and bars.

There were also good looking restaurants as well as clothes shops, and of course the most important, all sorts of inns were lined across the streets of this district.

And the thing that caught my eye the most was………

“Hey, what’s that shop? Alchemist…….. Esta, have you heard of them?”

“Ah, if I recall correctly, they are people who make potions. In Realzard, there was factory in the industrial district that handled making potions so there were no Alchemists but in town and villages that don’t have such factories, Alchemists are your best source of getting potions.”

“I see, sounds interesting………still, you sure know your stuff Esta.”

“Actually, when I got the job [Magician] during [Heaven’s Blessing], I did a lot of research about many things. Most alchemists are technically [magicians] or so the uncle from [shichifukuya] told me.”

Esta must have been looking for ways to make use of her job back then huh.

Alchemists can synthesize potions—was it?


This might be a good place to find out more information about the plant life and forests around the town. Hopefully I can create a good relationship with person running the Alchemists shop.

“Enough about these alchemists man. C’mon lets find a place to eat. I’m starving!”

“The Inn comes first I told you. You two, make sure to remember the location and names of every cheap inn you can find.”

“It’s fine. I have already memorized the name and location of every inn in the commercial streets! Let’s go and check out some other streets instead.”

“As expected. Unlike a certain someone with nothing but food in his head, I can always depend on you Esta.”

“Aw shuddup! Chris was also thinking about nothing but that alchemy thingy weren’t you?”

Ignoring Ralf who tried to hit me back with a retort, we moved on to other districts to check them out.

I had more or less found all the important shops I needed to know about but had yet to see the most important, adventurer guild and the church.

Well, I didn’t expect either of them to be in the commercial street in the first place so we quickly pulled ourselves together and moved on to exploring the inner parts of the town.

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