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Null Poison Side Story 3

Gossips: Mielle’s Report part two

[Sword God]

Up till now, three different heroes have had this job, and each of them had accomplished great things.

The first one to be named hero was the one to slay the evil dragon Bahamut as well the one who subjugated the Demon Lord that had spread monsters in this world.

Even after subjugating the Demon Lord, he continued killing monsters and maintaining peace, and is said to have laid the foundation for the world as we know it today, or so the legends say.

Hearing those stories as a child would make my heart flutter with excitement.

And even now I go back to read those tales, and in my private time I am looking for items that may belonged to the first hero.

Among the many items the first hero left, perhaps one of the most famous one was the weapon he used.

Its name was – Vendettatein


A sword made out of materials from Bahamut, it’s said to be able to use both Holy as well as Dark powers and this legendary blade was currently said to be sleeping in the mountain caves north of the city [Edestor], one of the three great cities.

As for why ‘Vendettatein’s’ existence had yet to be confirmed even though its location was supposedly known? That’s because of the evil energy released from the sword, due to being made out of Bahamut, was strong enough to give birth to strong monsters and the entire mountain was overrun by such monsters.

On top of that, the cave in which the sword is supposedly sleeping in was filled with fatal poisonous gas because of the thick evil energy from the sword and had concentrated over the many years making it impossible for any living thing to ever go inside it.

One day, I will master anti-poison magic and will hold the legendary hero’s sword in my own two hands——that is my dream.

——-and now a person with the same job as the first hero had appeared in many many years.

That was of course, my classmate Klaus.

………that’s why I cannot let myself be hated by him.

To recover from yesterday’s failure, I came back to Klaus’ place the next day first thing in the morning to resolve this misunderstanding.

“There must have been misunderstanding yesterday, Klaus you must misinterpreted the contents of the letter.”

“……..I recall telling you to never show yourself in front of me ever again, didn’t I?”


“As long as we both study in this academy that’s impossible anyway. So please, at least let me explain and apologize at least.”


While irritated, I forced my explanation on Klaus while he was still silent.

“Me and your brother are really on good terms. We talked about various things, about the past as well. I don’t know what was written in——“

“I really will kill you, you know? Say one more word about him, I dare you. I will follow you to the ends of the earth just to kill you.”

Klaus drew his sword from his waist and pointed it at me.

From what I can tell from his expression, he really will cut me down if I say anything more.

Against his all too real killing intent, I almost instinctively began casting magic but if I actually hurt him here, my life will well and truly be over.

Holding myself back somehow, I gave a bow and went away from Klaus.

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The taste of blood spread inside my mouth due to me biting on to my lip too strongly unconsciously.

It’s truly over.

He completely hates me now. My way to the top is as good as destroyed.

……….no, there was still one way left. To leave the Klaus’ faction and enter opposing Princess’ faction instead.

This was a completely different path from what I was originally aiming for but if I want to keep rising in the ranks, its not so different this way either.

But the problem was to find a way to flatter my way into that strong-willed idiot princess’ good books, as well as get along with that idiotic royal guard who was madly in love with that idiot princess.

…………..impossible. Completely impossible.

I’d rather die than serve that muscle-brained idiot princess.

That’s why I had no choice but to get closer to Klaus the [Sword God] instead.


As I recalled the scene from just now, I started feeling hatred for Chris who caused my smooth sailing life to completely fall apart.

Judging by Klaus’ reaction, Klaus and Chris must completely hate each other in reality.

And then I foolishly tried to appeal by saying that I was on good terms with Chris instead. No wonder he was enraged.

I know its my own fault for attacking and then trusting a guy I met for the first time.

But still, I will never forgive that shitty older brother.

A mere [Farmer] dared oppose a [Sage] like this? I will definitely make him regret this.

To avert my eyes from my present situation, I decided to find Chris’ current location and take my revenge instead.



A few months from then.

Having finally tracked his location, there I would be, sitting in an empty room of [Shangri-la Hotel] with Chris nowhere to be found, having already left a long time ago. Realizing that I had wasted all this time and effort for nothing I would end up screaming in pain and grief———At the time, I still didn’t know that this kind of future was waiting for me………..

(T/N: that was the end proper of vol1. We begin Vol2 tomorrow onwards where things pick up the pace a bit more. Hope you all enjoy!)

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2 responses to “Null Poison Side Story 3”

  1. Dcrangerange Avatar

    Thanks for the chapter. I actually feel sort of sorry for her. I wonder if she’ll eventually join Chris’s squad.


  2. Uhl Avatar

    She admitted it’s her fault and still dares to blame the guy she attacked with a blade?

    After monologuing how all she cares about is her own advancement?



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