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Null Poison Ch67


The inner part of the town had the guild street with all the guilds lined up together.

And further within, at the end of the street stood the church quietly in the corner.

To simply explain the layout of Oxter, if you continue straight to the front upon entering the town you reach the commercial street.

If you keep walking further, you reach the guild street. And further inside was the Church.

On both the left and right side of these streets were the residential areas, well and a couple of inns mixed in between them but for the most art that’s how this town was built.

It’s far from being called big but you certainly won’t run into any kind of inconvenience by living here either.

 There were many travellers heading to Norfast as well; and this might be too soon to say considering I juts got here myself, but it looks like a nice town to live in.

“Had a good look around?”


“I did. I really think it’s a nice little town. It’s especially nice to not see any of the bad parts like in Realzard or the Capital.”

“Really? Having back-streets is a plus in my book!”

“let’s leave that conversation for later, and decide which inn we plan to live in. After that, we can go satisfy Ralf’s hunger.”

“Finally! About time. I really am starving.”

“I mean I have memorized pretty much every inn in the area but what should we do?”

This is the main issue. Which part of choosing the Inn should we prioritize on? The Price was obviously the first one.

Then there’s the distance from the church for me, so it’d be nice if the inn is close to the guild street.

[Shangri-la hotel] that was literally on the same street as the guild was really convenient.

“Can you first tell me how low are the cheapest ones in every area?”

“Of course. I’ll use the rent for one large room as the basis okay? In the commercial street, its 2 silver coins, 1silver and 5 copper on the guild street. Residential area on the right is around 1 silver. And residential area to the left is about 8 copper, at the lowest.”

“8 Copper, ain’t that clearly the best one?”

“No, location is important as well. I’m thinking the one the guild street is the best one. What do you think?”

“Certainly, judging by the location, that is definitely the most suitable one………but, the rent being almost double is a bit much if I’m being honest.”

She’s not wrong.


Do we prioritize comfort and convenience, or cost.

We made sure to collect a decent amount of money before departing from Realzard so we’ve got some leeway with money right now.

And if can safely begin adventurer work from tomorrow as planned, a mere extra 7 copper will be pretty easy to cover.

But I get where Ralf and Esta are coming from.

And extra of 7 copper coin per day, comes out to 2 gold and 1 silver per month extra on just rent.

And for a year, that’s 20 gold coin and 2 silver, that we could potentially save instead.

“……….it’s certainly something worth thinking about but perhaps it’s better to go with the cheapest in the residential area until you both promote to silver rank as well.”

“I agree! Then let’s head to the left side residential area.”

“A’ight! Let’s quickly get a room, drop our stuff there and go get something to eat!”

With the energetic Ralf taking the lead, we headed to the left-side residential area.


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“This is it. Looks a lot cleaner than [Shangri-la hotel].”

“Let alone that, this place looks better than even [Dove inn] man! Chris, this might have been the right decision after all!”

“Seems like it. Let’s go inside and negotiate.”

We entered the single house-like Inn built in the Residential area, the [Tree Top Tower].

The impression from the reception was very similar to the [Shangri-la hotel]’s one.

Since nobody seemed to be there, I rang the bell kept on the counter and waited until a single man came out from inside.

“Welcome. Are you here looking for rooms?”

“Yeah, long term as well. Got any empty rooms?”

“Long term stay!? Really? Of course we do. Individual or Large, which kind of room would you like?”

“A large one please.”


“Certainly! That will be room 201. Allow me to guide you there.”

The young man seemed unusually happy as he led us to our rooms.

We only chose this Inn because the one on the guild street seemed a bit too costly, but the attitude of the employees seems nice and the building looks clean and well maintained as well.

It might not be as convenient but this may have been a really good choice.

“This is room 201. One night’s stay will cost you 8 copper coins, is that okay?”

“Yes, that’ll be alright. For the time being, here’s an advance 8 silver for 10 days stay if you’re ine with it?”

“Of course, thank you very much. Really, thank you! Please take your time and enjoy.”

After bowing multiple times, he headed back to the reception with a wide smile.

The location must really hurt their business, as it seemed like they didn’t get many customers even though they were the cheapest Inn in Oxter.

“Looks like a nice room.—-Oooh! Chris-san, there’s even an attached bath!”

“…….that’s good. Baths are nice indeed.”

“And there’s four beds! Not to mention, so much space to keep our things! Damn, this place might be actually amazing!”

“[Shangri-la hotel] only gave two beds to sleep. And their rent was still 5 copper. Not to mention, they didn’t even have a bath.”

“Incredible I am finally free of Esta’s shit sleeping posture!”

“I’m not that bad, am I?”

Everyone seemed to have quite a lot to say about the place.

Of course this place was many levels below a place like the [Gilavar Hotel] but considering the rent was only 8 copper, the cost performance might actually be better than even there.

I really wanted to just take a bath and drop on the bed for the day but we still haven’t eaten anything yet, so let’s go back to the commercial street for our meal.

“Let’s leave our stuff and go get something to eat. We also need to do some shopping for tomorrow’s adventurer work as well.”

“Ughh, the food part is nice but we really have to start working from tomorrow already huh.”

“Thanks to all the things that happened, we haven’t made any money in the last week. I mean considering our fatigue, there is a part of me that wants to allot tomorrow to just exploring around Oxter but……we really do have to start tomorrow.”

“Well I want to get used to using the longstaff given to me by the Uncle from [shichifukuya], so I’m itching to go back to monster hunting anyway.”

“…….Well, if you put it that way, since I’ve finally healed, I too am actually looking forward to completing requests for once to be honest.”

“For the time being, I need you two to quickly graduate from bronze rank. And in the time you get to silver, make sure you get used to using that longstaff, and you Ralf should get fully used to using your newly healed body as well.”



After hearing their energetic responses, we left for the commercial streets to get some food.

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