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Null Poison Ch68


The next day after reaching Oxter.

Even though we only arrived here yesterday, we had to start our adventurer activities from today already.

I, for one, wanted to go and explore the nearby forests as soon as possible but I’ll stick with requests at least for today.

We already confirmed the location of the guild yesterday, and had finished most of our preperation yesterday as well.

“Chris-san will you take up a silver rank quest?”

“Hmm, I’m not sure. If there aren’t any decent bronze quests I’ll take on a silver rank one but……..personally speaking, I want to take our first silver rank quest together as a party.”

“——Then, just wait a bit more for us! I wanna take that first step together as a team as well!”

“This may be pure selfishness from our part but, but I too would like to take our first silver quest all together.”

I don’t want our party to just be a group of friends so its important to make sure that we properly do things as an actual party.

Since I was only doing stray cowbird quests, the total number of requests I’ve completed isn’t that high, not to mention my frequent visits to the forest reduced it further. On the other hand, these two have been completing, designated quests almost everyday non-stop so they should get promoted to silver pretty soon.

“Then let’s do that. Until you two both get promoted to silver rank, I’ll only take bronze rank quests.”

“Yeah, now I’m getting a little motivated!”

“Same here!”

With the two of them in high spirits, I began walking towards the adventurer guild.

Reaching the guild gate, we didn’t wait around and went straight inside.

The interior was not that different from the guild in Realzard.

Or at least that’s what I thought………


“I feel an evil stare.”

“…….I can feel it as well. Looks like we’re not welcome here.”

Unlike the generally indifferent adventurers of Realzard, looks like the Oxter’s group of adventurers are a close knit group.

And thus, we are outsiders in their territory—-or at least that’s what I inferred from their stares.

“Is that so? Who even cares though!”

Saying that nonchalantly, Ralf began walking towards the receptionist counter only to have a man come up and block his way.

Looked like an adventurer in his thirties, and partly due to his physique, it seemed like he was looking down on Ralf.

“…….What? Move out of my way.”

“Oi Brat. You’re a new face here. You a rookie?”

The man spoke cockily, though he spoke with a lisp making it hard to understand him clearly.


His appearance was very untidy as well but, he didn’t look weak—–or at least that’s how I felt.

“No, not really. Just came here from a different city. I’m bronze rank.”

“Different city? Hooh, then all the more reason I should introduce myself eh? The name’s Greath, the only platinum rank adventurer in this town.” (T/N; name could also be read as Grease(グリース) but it sounds too dumb so I’m going with this instead for now)

I did feel a bit from his general aura, but he really is a platinum rank huh.

“And I’m Ralf……..satisfied now?”

“Satisfied you say? Why the hell are you talking to your senior like that huh!? ‘I want to be an adventurer of this town. I’ll do anything so please take care of me”——Is how you’re supposed to reply!!”

He shouted loudly enough to resound inside the entire guild.

By the looks of it, let alone other adventurers, other guild employees don’t seem like they are going to stop this either.

“…………I’m sorr—–“

“Ralf, no need to apologize. I told you there’s no need to suck up to others and live while trying to please others anymore. You are different from before aren’t you?”

Perhaps to stop the issue from escalating, Ralf was going to apologize but I stopped him instead.

These words were not just for Ralf, but for myself as well.

“And who the fuck are you!? Do you know what happens to those who talk shit with me? HUH?!”

“I don’t and neither am I interested. If, for whatever reason we can’t take requests here, then we’ll simply move to a different town instead.——Of course, that’s not actually what’s going to happen, but let’s see. In the off chance it does, maybe we’ll go to the Norfast guild and spread some rumors about what happened here instead, how about that?”

So that the quiet guild employees could hear it too, I declared loudly.

On the other hand, Greath’s corners of his mouth twitched as he really must not have liked what I said.

Judging by his body, he’s probably stronger than me but he’s still far from that bear-like monster. If I step back here, how the hell would I catch up to Klaus, a [sword god]?

If he tries to attack us, I was ready to slam some poisonous plants straight into his mouth but………

“Alright, fine. If that’s how you guys are gonna be, be my guest……..But don’t come running back to me later if you come to regret it okay?”

After saying that with a threatening voice, Greath tapped on my shoulders and walked out of the guild with, what I assume were his party members.


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I thought it was nice little town but looks like the most important part turned out to be shit instead.

We could change our base again but having to change our town because of a guy like that would be irritating to say the least.

“——Oi! Chris, what the hell are you doing!? We could have just apologized and be done with it no?”

“No, this is fine. Of course, if we wanted to live in peace then we could have gone around bowing our heads to every other guy but…….doesn’t that sound stupid to you? You get one life. I don’t want one where I have to bow to a guy like that.”

“I completely agree with you! We are different from back then when we had no other choice. Even if this causes problems in our path, we can simply find a different path instead.”

“Nn…..muu…….Well, I was pretty pissed myself to be honest.”

“Be kind to those who are kind to you and aggressive to those who are aggressive to you. Give what you get, eye for an eye……….you two, sorry but I’ve already decided to live like this.”

I will never let anyone have any control over my life ever again.

I’ll live for myself, and myself alone.

“Then, whatever I guess! If he comes after us again, we’ll just kick his ass and send him packing back!”

“Agreed! Well then, let’s take some requests shall we?”

After having our little discussion, we walked towards the reception counter while ignoring the awkward atmosphere in the guild caused by Greath’s shouting.

The receptionist seemed to be acting a bit strange as well but I didn’t care for it and continued talking.

“We’ve been working as adventurers in another city so we know how things mostly work. Do you guys not have a request board here?”

“W-we do. It’s behind that crowd of adventurers over there though.”

Looking towards the place where the receptionist pointed, behind a group of adventurers who were glaring at us, I could see the notice board.

Looks like pretty much every adventurer in this guild is under Greath’s thumb.


“Thanks. I’ll take a look and come back.”

Leaving the desk, I cut through the group of adventurers, and began choosing what request to take unconcernedly.

I was vigilant and making sure to be ready in case anyone tried attacking me and picked up a seemingly convenient to do request.

“Ah, I was the one who was going to take that one! Don’t steal my pick!!”

As if he was waiting for it, a slimy faced guy, who was clearly Greath’s lackey, began complaining to me.

It’d be a pain to deal with him, so I tried to ignore him and walk back but they guy grabbed on to my shoulder to stop me.

“………if you let go right now, I will forgive you.”

“That’s my line! If you give me that paper back, I’ll let you go!”

He had an oddly high pitched shrill voice, and didn’t show any signs of letting me go.


Having come to that conclusion, I shook off his hand and used the back of my hand to smash directly at his face.

The slimy faced guy must not be expecting me to suddenly attack him and was unable to defend in time and fell to the floor with a bleeding nose.

While looking at that funny scene, I once again began walking back to the reception as if nothing had happened but——-

“You bastard!! What the hell do you think you’re doing!”

“Hey he started the fight! Don’t let him run!”

“You’re not gonna get to even apologize!!”

The surrounding adventurers who had been snickering and laughing before, suddenly switched to acting all angry after a moment’s pause and charged at me who had hit the guy.

Even the guild employees began to panic from seeing all these adventurers suddenly go on rampage but they didn’t bother even trying to mediate the situation, a huge brawl kicked off between me and the multiple adventurers.

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