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Null Poison Ch69

The Punishment after the Incident

“……Tch, that hurts, I guess taking on that big of a group was bit reckless even for me huh.”

“That’s why I said to not escalate things, didn’t I?”

“but Ralf, you jumped into the brawl too though?”

After the huge brawl started inside the guild, it continued until one side fell and Esta’s magic was the clincher making it end with our victory, technically speaking.

But because we went on an all out rampage inside the guild, I was banned from taking requests for a week as punishment.

Since technically it wasn’t our fault, it ended with just that but in a worse case we could have ended up getting banned completely as well.

Thanks to brawl we didn’t get any work done today, and although only a little, I did get hurt.

As far as fresh starts go, this was a bad omen for things to come.


“I mean, seeing you get surrounded like that, I wasn’t gonna just stand by and watch was I?! But seriously, who thinks of picking a fight with that many people at the same time? I get how your brain works but please be a bit smarter when picking your opponents man.”

“But I did pick the fight after thinking. Since I knew that Greath was the strongest in that guild and the only platinum rank, I was sure I could take on all the gold rank and below adventurers with ease but I guess I’m still not strong enough.”

“No no no, are you joking? You beat the shit out of like 8 people at the same time………but anyway, what are we going to do tomorrow? Since we can’t take requests.”

That’s not an issue.


The only ones who got the ban were me and that slimy faced guy who picked a fight with me. Ralf and Esta were treated as people who were trying to actually stop the brawl so they didn’t get any punishment.

“Ralf and Esta, you two will take on jobs as originally planned and work on increasing your rank. Thanks to the brawl, they’ll think twice before picking another fight for at least some time I think.”

“Understood……..but, if they try something again, what should we do?”

“For the time being, until you have accepted the request I’ll follow you guys along so don’t worry. And if they try something again—–Well, I’ll attack them one by one and this time I’ll make them incapable of ever picking a fight ever again.”

“…….Scary. what the hell do you plan on doing to them?”

“Well, I’ll make them understand just how frightening it is to pick a fight with me. I mean, those guys all work for that Greath. As long as they aren’t in a group, they’ll fall apart pretty quickly.”

Even this time, I beat them up quite well so I doubt they’ll try again so soon but there’s always a chance that someone unbelievable stupid exists so you never know.

“Alright, we got that part……..So, what are you going to do tomorrow onwards? Will you help us instead?”

“Of course not. I’ll go confine myself in the nearby forest. I need to find a replacement for the peixa forest after all.”

“You plan on continuing eating your poisonous plants here too?”

“I have no other way of getting stronger after all. Of course, I planned to go to the forest tomorrow regardless. In a way the ban was pretty convenient.”

“Convenient he says……I get it but you really have no regrets about what happened huh.”

“Obviously. It’s clearly all their fault after all.”

It makes me irritated just thinking about it.

It’s bad for my mind so I began thinking about what to do in the forests tomorrow instead to take my mind off of it.

The forests I plan on going to tomorrow is a place called the [Carlisle Forests].

It’s a deep forest a couple hours to the east from Oxter.

Judging from what I saw on the requests posted on the board before the brawl began, there should be a lot of people around the entrance to the forest.

I’ll have to go into the depths just like I did in Peixa forest, so I should prepare properly beforehand.

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The bear-like monster aside, Peixa forest was a generally pretty calm and gentle forest, almost unusually so. So it was easy to let your guard down and be careless.

If I go to Carlisle forest assuming that things will be the same as Peixa forest, I’m bound to be in a world of pain.

Only after renewing my spirit, and preparing to the max, will I head to the Carlisle forest tomorrow.

…………fufufu, but still, I’m really excited.

What kind of poisonous plants will I find I wonder.

There could be stuff like Reizen grass, Genpei mushroom, Lizaf fruit that raised my Endurance stamina and strength respectively, or perhaps I could find some that raise my magic or agility, two types I have yet to find.

While staring at the guidebook written by myself, I let my brain’s imagination towards the Carlisle forest run amok as I slowly drifted to sleep.

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