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Null Poison Ch70

[Travelling Cat Store]

The next morning.

Acting as an escort to Esta and Ralf, we went to guild first thing in the morning.

Perhaps because it was early in the morning, the adventurers from yesterday were nowhere to be seen, and the guild had a much more peaceful atmosphere.

“Looks like it’ll be fine today. I don’t need to go inside, so I’ll head on ahead okay?”

“Sure. Chris be careful when gathering your plants alright?”

“I know. If something happens here, run all the way to forest I marked on your map. It’ll be hard to look for me inside a forest but you guys don’t have much of a choice so work hard.”

“We’ll be fine I think, but we’ll keep it mind nonetheless. If something major happens, we’ll come to you straight.”

“Good. Alright then, good luck you two.”

After seeing them off as they head inside the guild, I made my way to the commercial street.

I more or less have things needed for my little camping trip, but I do need to buy some recovery potions, food and some Oblaat.

……Also, before I enter the forest, I need to drop a visit by the Alchemist’s place as well.


If he turns out to be a good guy, I’ll buy some potions and also get some information about Carlisle forest.

While thinking of such things, I finally arrived at the commercial street.

Let’s head to the Alchemist’s store immediately.

Since its still early in the morning I worried if it was open; but seeing the [OPEN] sign out front, looks like I’m in luck.

I entered the [Travelling Cat store]while appreciating the fashionable entrance.

The bell on the door made a pleasant sound, and the shopkeeper having noticed me quickly walked up towards me.

“Hello and welcome to the [Travelling Cat store]!”

The shopkeeper was a young, although slightly older than myself, woman.

With short hair and a cute face, she was wearing a cute apron with a cat imprint on it……..

Apologies for judging a book by the cover but, this person does not look like an alchemist at all.

“This is my first time here, is the owner here?”

“Eh?………um that would be me though!”


“Oh is that so. Apologies…… you’re the alchemist?”

“Yes! My looks may deceive but I have been learning and practicing alchemy since I was young, and I’m often referred to as the best alchemist in the entirety of Oxter!”

“——huh? Are there even any other alchemists in Oxter?”

“…….Well, I think so?”

“From my exploring yesterday, as far as I can tell this is the only alchemist store in town. Oxter only has you so wouldn’t that automatically make you number one?”

“…………….ummm, I guess——Well, no need to fret over the little things! So how can I help you today?”

The alchemist quickly changed the topic with a wide smile on her face.

Well, at least she doesn’t look like a bad person but, what is this feeling of dissatisfaction I feel?

Being quite different from the image of an alchemist I had in mind, I automatically had trouble trusting her fully.

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“I need to but some healing potions but maybe I’ll——-“

“Healing potions you say! I have just the thing for you! Would you like to try one right here? You seem to have some injuries from what I can see, by all means give it a try yourself!”

Before I could stop her, with a potion in hand, this questionable alchemist came out with some test samples.

If I use them here, are we sure that I won’t get more hurt instead?——-I felt such a fear but I’ll feel bad to turn down both her kindness and her smile.

“Sure……..if its free, I’ll take you up on that offer.”

“Thank you very much! Please go ahead!!”

She handed over a small bottle with green coloured healing potion, and timidly, I applied it over the wound on my lips that I got during the brawl.

For a second, a sharp pain as if salt had been rubbed over the wound ran through my body but soon after, that pain disappeared and then the stinging pain of the wound also disappeared alongside it.

“ooh, damn that really worked.”

“but of course! This potion is a really good potion I tell you!”

“Do you mind if I check my face for a second?”

“Of course, there’s a mirror right here so please check as much as you want!”

I stood in front of the mirror I was led to, and checked the wound on which I had applied the potion.

………..? The wound hasn’t closed up completely.

I thought it had completely healed up but apparently not.

“Shopkeeper. What is this about?”

“Oh you’re gonna ask that? You’re gonna ask that after all eh!? Alright. You see, I have mixed a herb with cooling effect in a normal healing potion! I wanted to make a cheaper alternative to normal potion so I came up with this!”


The way she talks is annoying to say the least but she might actually be a talented alchemist.

My opinion of her from before did a u-turn, and I decided I should become friendly with this alchemist after all.

“this potion, I like it. I apologise for thinking you were not a trustworthy alchemist.”

“Eh?……..EEEHH!? you had that kind of opinion of me!?”

“You can stop with these melodramatic reactions for everything by the way. Anyway, how much do these potions cost?”

“Well, that’s a bit tough to answer…………umm you see, this may be a cheap potion but it still cost me quite some money to make them so, it’ll be 2 silver coins!!”

“I see. Give me 5.”

“Eh! You’ll buy 5 of them? Thank you very much!!”

“Well, if you are that grateful………mind chatting with me for a while?”

I wanted to get some info on the Carlisle forest so I tried a basic negotiation tactic to get her to talk.

Judging by how quickly she jumps on things, surely she’ll go along right?

“eh, eh eh? A C-chat you say……? So-sorry! This is not that kind of establishment! If you’re looking for some s-s-sexy time, please go to those kinds of shop! You don’t need to buy any potions either!!”

I was left baffled by the sudden change in her attitude. What was she even talking about?

I feel like I was never on the same wavelength with her during the entire conversation but could it be that this alchemist is completely delusional?


“Who the hell even asked for that. I wanted info on some things so I asked that’s all.”

“R-really? That’s all……….?”

“Haaa, whatever I’m leaving. Don’t need the potions. I feel tired just talking to you.”

Fed up, I said that to the alchemist who was hugging herself with both hands in embarrassment.

I left the potions I was going to buy on the desk, and as I put my hands on the door to leave, the alchemist pulled on my right arm.

“——-What? Let go of me.”

“I’m very sorry! Please buy my potions! I’m in trouble because the sales are dwindling! I’ll do anything!!”

Been a while since I met someone more annoying that even Ralf.

My sighs didn’t stop coming out, but maybe I should buy them still if she gives me some good info?

……..but, I don’t want to be friendly with her anymore.

“I said something stupid because of some dumb delusions, please forgive me for it!!”

“………..Tch, fine. I’ll buy the potions as originally planned. Also, you’ll answer whatever I ask okay?”

“Thank you! Thank you very much!!”

I handed over one gold coin to the delusional alchemist as she continued bowing her head continuously, and put the 5 potions inside the bag.

………She must be really struggling financially, she held the coin like it was treasure, and quickly put it inside the safe.

“Oi, can I ask my questions now?”

“Ah, please wait! I’ll pour some herb tea so please come here!”

“No need. I’m not here to relax.”

“…….is it not a question that’ll take much time then? Then, isn’t it really a lewd request after all?”

“Say that again, and I’ll take my money back.”

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry!”

I sighed for the nth time today, and then began launching my questions at her right there and then because I was tired of dealing with her any longer.

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  1. Vyda Avatar

    Seems like everyone in this town is struggling with. The alchemist and then inn. If she is the only alchemist in town, you would think she would be drowning in money considering the adventurers need potions

    But with the only platinum adventurer being a bully, it wouldn’t surprised me if he is making them pay “protection fees” or some shit like that


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