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Null Poison Ch88

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“Is there really no other way? For the guild to handle this that is.”

“With guild chief acting like that, we could only give up so……. We simply have to wait for an adventurer stronger than Greath to appear.”

“That won’t work anyway I think. People who were raised in such a situation will end up twisted in their own way. If a person stronger than Greath was born in this town, they’ll just become another Greath in the end, repeating the cycle.”

“So you’re telling me……..that the adventurers of Oxter will remain like this forever?”

“Well, I can’t be completely certain but the probability is high. You’ll basically have to cut ties with every adventurer that works for Greath and completely lock him out instead for it to work.”

The vice chief made a pained expression, but I really think that’s their best solution

We made it here from the lowest level as well so I know, there is a limit to how much you can refuse to take requests.

I highly doubt that Greath would ever pay anything to the adventurers; and if anything, I felt that the guild chief was too weak to have crumbled only a few days into the boycott.


If it was me, I’d be prepared to not let anyone take requests until they bowed their head to me——or at least that’s my view on the matter.

While talking such stuff about the guild chief and Greath, we finally reached the place we had kept the Orc general’s corspe.

I showed this corpse to him, and basically asked for extra reward on top which was why I brought him here.

“This is…… O-orc General?!”

“Yeah. Including this general, there were 19 orcs in the herd. I don’t think I need to say this but I can expect a hefty reward for our work, right?”

“Of-Of course! Just thinking about what would have happened if this kind of herd had reached the town——I can already feel the cold sweat on my back. Seriously, thank you so much.”

“Well, give your thanks to the receptionist called Suzanna-san. If she wasn’t there to recruit us, I probably would have never taken this job.”

“Su-suzanna-san you say? Could it be that you took this only because she intervened and mediated the fight between you and Greath back then?”

“Yeah. I mean I did cause that fight. Since I inadvertently dragged her into it, I took this request as an apology.”

“is that so………very well, I’ll be sure to give my thanks to her as well.”

The vice-chief kept bowing his head as he strongly spoke so.

With this, she shouldn’t get into any more trouble.

 Especially with the number 2 in the guild, the vice-chief said so, so it should be fine.


“Be sure to do that. Also what to do with the Orc General’s body? Since the proof has been shown, I’d like to use it for raw materials and stuff so.”

“Allow me to take its left ear at least. You can do what you want with the rest.”

“Got it. Thanks for coming with me. You can go back now.”

“Yes, then I’ll go ahead and return back to the guild……….Um, can I ask a question before I go?”

As he began to leave, the vice-chief stopped and turned around to ask something again.

“Sure, what is it?”

“Are you guys really only silver rank? That too, newly promoted ones?”

“That’s right……..though in terms of ability, I’d say we are closer to Gold though.”


“just who are you people? It seems like you didn’t become adventurers too long ago either, and from the reports I’ve seen, Esta-san and Ralf-san were originally struggling with even Rookie quests.”

So they have that much info huh.

When you become an adventurer and what requests you take.

I could tell from this that the guilds were always sharing information.

“Me and Esta were simply saved by Chris that’s all.”

“That’s right. We became strong thanks to Chris-san’s help!”

“……..No, it’s because of your own hard work. While the adventurers of Oxter simply gather in crowds and act all tough, we have simply worked hard day and night to get stronger and stronger. So obviously, we did actually get strong in the end.”

“thank you, for answering me——I don’t know how much I could help you but please think of me as your ally from now on. If you get into any trouble, please come talk to me. And once again, thank you for everything today.”

He gave one last deep bow and then returned.

Greath and the Chief were both shit but maybe the vice-chief was a decent person.

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“phew, is it finally over? It’s been a while since I’ve been this tired.”

“Same. The battle itself didn’t last that long but facing a strong enemy is a lot more tiring that I thought it was.”

“That’s just shows your nervousness. Your muscles go stiff, and you have to think and do a lot of things…….But anyway, let’s finish up for today. You two, go on ahead back to the inn.”

“……..Hm? Chris, where do you plan on going then?”

“I need to go and visit the Carlisle forest for a bit.”

“haa!? Right now!? Even though we just fought an entire herd of Orcs, you’re going back into a forest?”

“I’m not going for my usual gathering trips. I need to test something out, and want to leave this Orc General corpse there.”

“nonono, I didn’t understand anything! Shouldn’t a big victory party come first!”

“That’ll be tomorrow. Since we’ll get our reward tomorrow anyway.”

“Well, as long as the party happens I guess it’s fine………since you did fight the Orc general only a while ago, be careful alright?—-actually, should I come with you?”

“If Ralf’s going, I’ll come too!”

“I’m going into a place filled with deadly poisonous plants, so you’d only be in the way if you came so no. I’ll be fine so go take a rest ahead of me.”

Saying that to them, I parted with them at the entrance of Oxter, and carried the Orc general’s corpse all the way to the Carlisle forest.

It was almost dusk so if I don’t hurry, it’ll be night by the time I get there so I need to make haste.

On the way, since I was carrying the corpse of an Orc General, I did get treated like a complete weirdo by the people I crossed by but……….somehow I able to carry it all the way to Carlisle forest.


Now, I just need to leave it near the Ongneer tree.

With the corpse on my back, I walked through the forest and made my way to the tree.

As for the monsters in the way, maybe because I was carrying the corpse of a orc general, they all ran away from me so I was able to reach the Ongneer tree without much trouble.

Avoided by both people and monsters.

More so than when I carried those stray cowbird corpses, my ‘hated by’ stat probably ranked up again.

While thinking of such worthless things, I aligned it right alongside the goblin corpse and lay the body there beside it.

But still……’s quite the gruesome scene no matter how many times I looked at it.

While observing the plant that was releasing a darker aura than most monsters I have seen, I prayed that it planted itself inside the Orc general as well, and after harvesting another Ongneer fruit from the grown tree, I left the place.

The sun had already set, and I was alone in the dark forest as I walked  back the way I came.

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