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Null Poison Ch96

Real Estate Agent

The next day,

After getting trampled on by Snow running around the room, I woke up.

It was snow panther but it’s walking was still unsteady and its movements were dull.

——-but, maybe because of excitement, it was running around the room with shining eyes.

“Chris-san, good morning. Snow, looks pretty energetic huh!”

“Yeah…….It’s fine right now but when it grows up, this is gonna be problem for sure.”

“I wonder how big will it grow! It’s parent was massive after all……..Won’t it destroy our house if it grows up into that?”

“That’s why we’ll have to let it go back in to the wild at the right timing. If it grew too big, it’ll be difficult to get it out of our house.”

While watching Snow, all three of us pondered such.


Our food expenses will skyrocket so we need to teach it how to hunt by itself as well.

Just when I thought I had regained a sense of normalcy after solving Esta and Ralf’s issues, a new problem has come rushing to me.

“Anyway, I plan on going to the realtor today. What are you two going to do?”

“We were thinking of completing some Bronze quests. We still need to keep making money after all.”

“……..but I’m worried for Snow. Should we take it with us?”

“Didn’t you yourself say that we shouldn’t pamper it too much? It was fine yesterday by itself. And it’s not like its ill or injured either, it should be fine to leave it alone for some time.”


“I guess that’s true. Then maybe you could look after him Chris! Since you’re gonna be in town, you could drop by the inn just to make a quick check no?”


“Fine. I’ll come take a look around lunch time.”

With our plans for today decided, I saw Ralf and Esta off.

Honestly, I wanted to teach them both on the mistakes they made during the snow panther hunt but…….I guess that’ll have to wait till tomorrow.

“Today, I have to look for a house to rent, and if I can find a good one, I’ll settle it today in and of itself.

Afterwards……I still need to identify which plant is it that raises my magic as well try out the Jinpi potion.

I don’t wanna use too much money, but it was important to get this done as soon as possible.

While thinking of such things, after some time, I too left the Inn and headed towards the realtor’s place.

Realizing that even I was going to leave the room, Snow began whimpering, wanting to be spoiled but…….

After leaving the room, I put my ear on the room’s door and soon it stopped crying and when I sneakily checked inside by opening the door just a little——only to see it asleep on the bed with an exposed belly.

It had zero caution quite unlike its parent but hey, if it was asleep that was for the best.

I once again quietly left the room, and headed to the realtor


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Soon afterwards, I reached the realtor’s place in the commercial street.

I have never rented a house so I don’t know much but, anyway, I entered the building.

“Welcome. Are you looking for a property?”

As soon as I entered, a fresh-looking young man came up to talk to me.

If I ask, maybe they’ll find a place with my specifications for me?

“Yeah, I’m looking for a house to rent. Will you search one for me?”

“Of course. Please come inside and take a seat.”

I followed his words, and sat down in front of the young man.

“First, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Victor. A pleasure meeting you.”

“Chris. Thanks for having me.”


“Then, first of all, which area are you looking to get a house in?”


“Area…….? I don’t really mind. Anywhere would do.”

“Understood. No specification in regards to area. Well then, do you have any specific requests or things you want or are looking for in your new home?”

“I want an individual, detached house. As spacious as possible but with a not too huge rent if possible?”

“Spacious yet cheap…….and specifically, a detached house, yes?”

I know I said it myself , but I just made some ridiculous demands didn’t I ?

Isn’t it okay as long as it’s a detached house even if it’s not too spacious……..?

I started rethinking myself, and wanted to amend my demand but——

“For now, I have found a couple that fit your criteria, will you come and look right now?”

“Wait already?”

“Of course. Since area is not an issue, then spacious detached rental houses are a plenty. From there I just make a list of the cheap ones that’s all.”

I looked at the paper handed to me with the details of the houses written on it.

All them ranged within 10gold coins per month, a lot cheaper than I originally thought……..

“Wait, why is this one so much more cheaper?”

The one that caught my eye was a spacious and big detached house in the Right-side Residential district.

Judging by the details, it looked pretty high quality but the rent was only 6 gold coins per month.

Which came at about, 2 silver a day more or less.

I mean yeah it was costlier than a cheap inn obviously but for big house, 2 silver a day was beyond reasonably cheap.

“Ah that house is a bit………The person who lived there before died from suicide. So the price has severely fallen.”

“That’s it?”

“Yes, that’s it. But most people get turned off by that is the reality of the situation. Even after reducing its price that much, no one has yet to take that one as you can see.”

I mean I get not wanting to live in a house where someone killed themselves but…….

But it makes the price of the house this cheap, I have no problems in taking it.


I know I should probably look at other choices as well but I knew deep inside that my decision was already made.

“Then, can I take this one? I want it done quick as well, if possible.”

“……..Eh? You’re deciding already? At least take a tour and inspect it, you know?”

“No, there’s no need for that. If we can sign the agreement right now, that’d be for the best.”

“Very well. Thank you very much. Allow me to bring the documents and papers so please wait a minute. As for your moving in, I’ll make it so you can do so as soon as possible.”

And, just like that our new house was decided in a jiffy.

Judging by the looks alone, no other place looked anywhere close to as good as this one but let’s see how it really is.

After that, I got a lot of explanations from Victor confirming and signing the documents, we sealed the contract.

As for the day for moving in, they already talked with the current owner of the place, and as long as we pay they’ll let us move in as soon as tomorrow.

At worst, it’ll take three days or so I thought but it seemed to have moved along much faster than I thought.


Also, before leaving you have to give a 2 weeks advance notice but with my situation, I have no idea what might happen, and when I might have to run away from here so I’ll need to come up with a way to deal with that when such a situation arises.

Maybe I’ll hand over money to Shantell and have her deal with aftermath for me, I guess. We’ll see.

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