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Null Poison Ch97

The Effects of Jinpi

With the contract for the new house sealed, I returned back to the Inn.

I also spent some time asking all sorts of things as well so it was already afternoon, which was perfect.

Reaching [Tree top tower], I entered my room.

Since I entered while making noise this time, Snow who realized I was back jumped up energetically and ran to greet me at the entrance.

It must have been sleeping all this time as its eyes still looked a bit hazy but…….its tail was swaying all over the place and was trying to jump up a me.

“I can’t move so get off. Here, look I brought some food.”

Since it was stuck to my legs, I picked up Snow in my arms and walked inside the room.

It was licking my hands as I held it so much you’d think it wanted to eat me, so I put it down and poured some milk in a plate that I had bought on my way back.

Judging by its looks, it seems capable of eating of solid food already but I’m not sure yet.

While watching Snow as it licked the plate clean leaving not even a drop of milk, I also ate some Lizaf fruits as my lunch.


And after watching Snow run around the room for some time, I decided to leave to get my ability assessment done when……..

Snow came and bit on to the cuff of my pants in a desperate attempt to try and stop me from leaving again.

But since it hadn’t properly grown its teeth yet, it couldn’t hold on properly and then it would try again. This repeated again and again as I slowly made my way to the door.

“…………you wanna come with me?”


I plan to go back to the room right after the assessment is done anyway——-It’ll be a pain if this happened everytime I had to come and go out of the room.

Making such excuses for myself, I put snow inside my bag and left the room.

It wont get found while its inside, and even if it did, it doesn’t look too different to a dog or cat right now.

Besides, I’m heading to the church of all places.

I doubt it understands my words, but I still warned it to stay quiet, and I made my way to the church.

“Be quiet inside the church, alright.”


It replied so smoothly, I really wondered if it actually could understand me.

After giving a couple headpats, I entered the church.


Just like last time, there were no believers or worshippers inside, and only the Priest stood there looking somewhat bored.


I wondered how this church was still functioning but anyway, my assessment was more important.

“Ah! Hello, it’s been a while! You’re the one who had the ability assessment done some time ago, right?”

“Yeah, that’s right. And that’s why I’m here today as well. Will that be okay?”

“Of course. As you can see, I have nothing but time on my hands!! Now, come please take a seat!”

Led by the priest, I entered the room inside.

I sat down in front of the usual crystal, and handed over my card and a gold coin and waited for the assessment to be over.

“Ufh, fuuu……….It’s done. Here’s your card back.”

“Thanks a lot.”

Since this was only the first one, the priest wasn’t as tired as last time.

Judging by this, it should be okay if I come at least 3 more times today I reckon.

While thinking that as I observed the priest, I turned to look at my card.



Suitable Job: Farmer

Endurance: 16(+55)

Strength: 11(+54)

Stamina: 11(+50)

Magic: 3(+2)

Agility: 8(+4)

Unique Skill : [Null Poison]

Common Skills: [Increased Breeding Ability]




I began looking over to see how much I have grown since last time but——the numbers had gone up a lot more than I had expected.

My stamina and endurance hadn’t increased as much but the strength stat has had a (+18) increase when compared to last time.

Well, I have been eating Lizaf fruits basically everyday and sine I harvested a huge amount, I still have stock left.

I couldn’t stop myself from grinning after seeing the fruits of my hard work.

As for the increase in agility, it must be from the Ongneer fruit I harvested when I dropped the Orc general body beside the plant.

There’s no changes in the skills section, probably because that specific Ongneer fruits effects was to give (+2) agility and granting [Increased Breeding Ability] skill to the eater.

It’s a skill that is basically worthless to me, but even the (+2) to agility was a great reward to me.

That said, I had only found one Ongneer plant in all this time and the time it takes for a fruit to grow is also pretty long.

To raise my agility efficiently and faster, I think I’ll have to find another plant with that effect after all.

………..And of course, my own base stats have also risen somewhat.

Since I defeated the Orc General, my endurance, stamina, and strength have all gone up by 2 and even my magic increased by 1.

All said and done, seeing this side of numbers increase also gave me great satisfaction and happiness,

After feeling satisfied, I left the church, and decided to drink the Jinpi potion just someplace nearby.

After finishing, I’ll get another assessment done.

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I sat down under the giant Olive tree that stood near the small pond, and let Snow out of the bag as well. And then took out the Jinpi potion as well.

It’s was gross coloured liquid, but I wonder what the actual taste is like.

I took of the lid, and first tried smelling it.

……….Well, the smell wasn’t too bad.

It basically smelled like leaves mixed with a scent of the soil.

Snow continued staring at me as if interested, as I first lightly stirred the container and then took a big gulp.

——Oh? Surprisingly not a horrible taste.

It was bitter, but was a lot easier to drink than even a healing potion.

The colour of the liquid was disgusting but as far as the taste goes, it’s pretty normal so I downed the remainder as well.


Now the real problem is whether my ability actually rose or not from this but………Since I spent 2 gold coins just to create these, I really hope they aren’t failures.


After giving Snow some time in fresh air, I returned it back inside the bag and entered the church again.

As usual, the Priest was slowly sucking on a mana potion but realizing I had entered, he stood up in silence and went back in the room as if to get ready.

I followed after him and sat back down on the same seat.

“Well then, let’s go ahead and perform the second assessment——-fuh, hhah, haah………I-it’s d-done. Please check.”

“Yeah, thanks.”

Since I had brought the potions with me, there was not a lot of time between the two assessments so the priest seemed quite out of breath.

While glancing at the priest from the side, I checked my card once again.



Suitable Job: Farmer

Endurance: 16(+55)

Strength: 11(+54)

Stamina: 11(+50)

Magic: 3(+2)

Agility: 8(+6)

Unique Skill : [Null Poison]

Common Skills: [Increased Breeding Ability]


Ooh! My agility rose again!

And like Ongneer, it’s by 2 points.

Looks like Jinpi leaves are capable of increasing your agility.

I am so glad I didn’t throw them away back then and actually brought them with me.

——-With this, Endurance, strength, stamina, magic and now agility; I have found all main stat increasing plants.

Jinpi leaves need to be turned into a potion which is a bit of an extra work but if it increases my stat by 2 then there’s no problem.

Now I have permission from myself to request Shantell for mass production of these I suppose.

Now all that’s left is for Esta and Ralf to get as strong as me as well.

Well, those two are naturally talented so I’m not too worried but……..normal growth won’t be enough.

To tell them both results of today as well our future plans, I headed back to the Inn in a good mood feeling satisfied from today’s work.

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  1. Vyda Avatar

    I wonder if the process of converting it into a potion allows for a better extraction of the stats
    Technically speaking, eating the raw materials should give you a stronger result, but maybe his body is unable to extract half the nutrients from the plant


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