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Null Poison Ch98

The Problematic Property

The next day.

I spent the rest of the day yesterday on finding out which plant raised my magic and thanks to the hard work of the Priest as well, I was finally able to narrow it down.

It was an egg-like pure white mushroom, and looked quite tasty. Actually it was pretty tasty but also possessed a ridiculous amounts of poison as well and I have seen many goblins who died after eating it.

I decided to name this mushroom [Eggmash].

Now I had, Reizen grass for Endurance, Lizaf fruit for Strength, genpei mushroom for Stamina, Eggmash for magic and Jinpi leaves for Agility——-a plant for increasing every stat.

Now what would really become the key to my strength after this would be the ability to grant skills that Ongneer fruit seems to possess but……..

There were still too many mysteries about it and I had only found one of its trees so far, so I lacked material to fully experiment and research on it.

My stock of Lizaf fruits seems to be going down as well, so I should probably pay a visit to the Carlisle forest before long, but I also need to do some requests as well.

Our moving expenses as well as rent for some time will be covered from the reward from the emergency request but add the costs of making more Jinpi potions as well, and suddenly the money feels like it’ll run out before you realize.


 Our primary objective should be to gather some funds by finishing a lot of requests.

“Chris, will we finish moving today itself?”

“Yeah. I’m about to go and pay the realtors right now. You two, along with snow, should make your way to the place I told you about yesterday.”

“Got it! I’ll carry your stuff over as well.”

“After some time, we’ll go and wait for you in front of our new house okay?”

I parted with them at the Inn, and I began prepping before heading to the realtor’s place.

As for what I have to do, first I need to pay a couple month’s rent in advance, deposit some caution money, and then take the keys to the house itself. Won’t take too long.

Making sure to not lose the money, I kept it inside my bag and made my way to the realtor’s place.



After wrapping up the contract details and receiving the key to the house, I left the realtor’s place.

They offered to take me there as well as give a tour of the place and its rooms etc but I didn’t really need that really so I refused and headed towards the house we rented in the right-side Residential district.

Since I had no time, I never even bothered to actually go there and check even once so I couldn’t help but wonder what kind of place would it be.

It’s gonna be rough if it turned out to be some old rundown building but………well, the rent is like 6 gold a month, so I guess even that wouldn’t be too bad.

I tried my best to decrease my level of expectations, as I made my way to the house but—-

“Eh………? Are you sure this is the right place?”

The house I reached was actually a mansion bigger than even my family house and even had a bigger garden.

It stood at the very edge of the town yes, but still……….it’s way too big.

I checked my map multiple times to confirm but there was no doubt, this was the right place alright.

“How the hell are we getting a house of this size for just 6 gold a month? I mean I instantly made my choice, precisely because it looked too good in the images to ignore but still…….”

I ended up talking to myself out loud in shock.

Since I finished my work at the realtor’s place faster than I thought and rushed out instantly when done,  Ralf and Esta had yet to show up so I considered waiting here for them to come but in the end I decided to open the place and go check the interiors.

It was big enough for at least 10 people to live comfortably.

Walking through the garden that had weeds growing out in places, I put in the key and entered the house.

Since the house had been vacant for quite some time now, it was certainly dusty but far from being a turn off.

If anything, keeping this place clean is gonna be a tough task I already know. Truly one of the great worries of the rich.

The hall was obviously the first thing you came to after entering the house, and the stairs to the second floor were located here.

On the right was the drawing room, on the left was an odd looking room with tatami mats laid all across the floor.

Further inside through the hall came the living room. To the left of the living room was the kitchen, and the drawing room and kitchen was separated by a store room in between.

And on the right of the living room, across the tatami mat room, was the toilet, the washroom and the bathroom; all separate which I was thankful for.

That was just the first floor, so I headed to the upper floor.

Here, there were individual room lined across one by one, and there were 8 of them no less.

There was a toilet on this floor as well, and also had a balcony that looked over the entire garden.

………what a ridiculously big house.

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To be able to get such a house for just 6 gold a month was nothing less than huge luck.

While I was hesitating over which room to use as my personal gardening area, I heard the sound of the door opening.

Looking down from the stairs, I saw the two alongside Snow.

“You’re finally here. I’ll come down right now.”

“…………….hey, are you sure this is the right house? Are we really going to live in such a place from here onwards?”

“My mouth is still stuck open from shock. How did you even manage to get such a house……….”

“To be honest, even I thought that I had made a mistake when I saw the house but the key works so there’s no doubt this is the place. And remember, this place is 6 gold coin per month only. There was an incident which really dropped the price apparently.”

“Incident? Wait, what happened?”

“The person who used to live here before us committed suicide in this very house. So the price became this cheap.”

“Woah are you sure everything will be okay? You sure we won’t get haunted or something?”


“It’ll be fine. All people die one day sooner or later.”

“But it’s too cheap to not worry! Hey do you know why he committed suicide?”

Well I never bothered to ask because I was too focused on the of the price, but I’m sure there were some complicated situations for him to do something like that.

I did make light of it and say it’ll be fine but depending on the strength of his grudge, they may turn into a monster that’s a fact.

“Didn’t ask. Well, there’s no point worrying over things you don’t know about. And if we did get an undead appearance, If it’s us we’ll just kill it again.”

“I guess……that is true huh! Well, guess I’ll enjoy living here no worries I guess! C’mon Snow, you can run around as much as you want here!”

No, don’t let it go too crazy. If it actually destroyed something we’ll have to pay repair fees on top whenever we leave the place after all.”

I warned Ralf who was saying some irresponsible things and while keeping sidelong eye at Snow who started roaming around, we began unpacking our stuff.

We decided to each use one room for ourselves on the upper floor, so I guess I’ll use the remaining space for my plant cultivation.

Going by the direction of the sunlight, the balcony was obviously the best spot, but that place was completely visible to the outside.

I wish we had a proper terrace instead of a balcony but………now I’m just being too greedy.

“There are 8 rooms on the upper floor, let’s pick one for ourselves. I’ll use the empty ones for my plants, okay?”

“Of course, you can use them however you wish!”

“Yeah, don’t really care either! As long as I have room to my own there’s no problems but………if you’re growing them in the house, are you sure they won’t spread poison across the house as well?”

“I’m only growing plants that contain poison inside them not those that can spread so it should be fine……….probably.”

“Can you stop putting that ‘probably’ every time at the end! It’s scary!!”

Well, I’m actually not sure so it can’t be helped.


Well I don’t plan on raising something like Ongneer so it should be fine.

“What will we do about Snow? Will it live alongside someone in their room?”

“Just the living room should be fine no? We’ll make a kennel or something for it and not being locked inside a room all the time will keep it stress free as well.”

“Ah, I guess I won’t get to sleep with it anymore. I’ll be lonely.”

“If you do feel lonely, just pick it up take it with you at night. Anyway, c’mon let’s quickly tidy up.”

We moved our luggage to our respective rooms and with that, for the time being, our moving was complete.

It was a pretty empty looking house with no furniture or even basic stuff but, starting from having no money or house——–we had finally made it this far.

The path to where I want to be is still long but slowly, step by step, I was getting closer to Klaus.

………But I won’t let myself get conceited, I will continue to devote myself towards getting more and more stronger still.

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